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plant guidelines



Backyard birding is enjoyable and rewarding for young and old alike. At the minimum, it consists of observing the birds that frequent your yard. If you would like to become

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All azaleas are technically “rhododendrons” but not all rhododendrons are azaleas; Weston Nurseries’ online Plant Library lists “Azalea” as the common name, with “Rhododendron” as the botanical genus. To readily distinguish

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Apple Tree

Many homeowners enjoy the rewards of growing fruit-bearing trees, and the apple is one of the most popular fruit trees in New England. Properly managed, apple trees enhance the beauty

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Apple Pollination

Most apples are not self-fertile and in order to produce the best fruit results, the second tree of a different variety should be planted to optimize pollination. An apple variety

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HUMMINGBIRD NECTAR PLANTS P-Perennial, A-Annual, B-Biennial, V-Vine, Sh-Shrub, T-Tree E-Early, M-Midseason, L-Late ATTRACTING HUMMINGBIRDS Provide a habitat that will give them shelter, shade, and food. Plant a variety of flowers.

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