Weston Rewilding

We are growing again!

 The urge to actively start growing plants again has been in the back of Peter Mezitt’s mind for quite some time. As President and CEO of Weston Nurseries for the past 17 years, Peter clearly remembers the kind of impact that his family’s former large-scale growing operation had on the community. In 2020, we dusted off the cobwebs and the grow operation were reintroduced. As new challenges arose for all in the industry between sourcing the plants, means of transportation, and limited workforce, we were still able to produce 20,000 perennials. Each year we increased production and were able to learn from experience and adapt for the next season ahead.

During the 2022 growing season, we had the ability to increase our production to approximately 33,000 plants, from 28,000 plants in 2021. We still grow a variety of perennials, native trees and shrubs. This year, we decided to start our own native plant movement called ‘Weston Rewilding’. Our goal is to provide the community, state, and beyond with stunning native plants that are sourced from our ecoregion. We are growing true natives that provide benefits for people, other plants, insect biodiversity, wildlife, soil systems and so much more. With growing interest in the community, between homeowners, landscapers, and businesses, the demand for native plant sales is up, and we are ready to join the movement. People are realizing it is not too late to change the way we think about natives in the landscapes, and how we can provide a brighter, more colorful future for generations to come. As humans we have the power to make an incredible impact on our environment; good or bad. We believe in doing the right thing when it comes to the choices that are in our control, such as the way we design our landscapes. We need to resort back to our traditional landscapes that once shaped us. We owe it to Mother Nature, to nurture her and change her only for the better

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