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Christmas Catus

Christmas Cactus

Holiday cactus, Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter cactus, Zygocactus or Schlumbergera – what’s in a name?  Potentially confusion, if the naming of these cacti is anything to go by, but fortunately

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christmas bells

Holiday Plants Around the World

In the northern hemisphere there are a number of plants associated with the Christmas holidays.  Some were originally associated with earlier pagan traditions and include fir trees, holly, ivy and

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December 12th is National Poinsettia Day, officially recognized in 2002 as a celebration of the holiday season’s most iconic plant, and honoring two men who played a major role in

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little girl in witch costume holding jack o lantern for candy

Halloween: A History

In the United States, Halloween as we now know it is predominantly a secular occasion, an evening of costumed participants, trick or treating, pumpkins and parties with a strong theme

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If you would be happy for a lifetime, grow chrysanthemums. Chinese proverb Mums are everywhere in fall in New England, and while their cheerful masses of flowers brighten the shorter

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Varieties of Rudbeckia

Mid-summer sees rudbeckia, one of America’s iconic flowering plants, burst into bloom. The varieties of this plant go by several names – Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower and Gloriosa Daisy to name a few, but all of them bring cheerfulness to summer gardens.

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Dorm Room Plant Ideas

At this time of year college-bound students and their parents are busy making preparations, gathering together all the important supplies needed for a life away from home.  Along with pillows

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