Plant Availability2018-11-27T13:26:55+00:00

It is that time of year, when we begin tucking our plants into their winter beds. We will begin posting our Sneak Peak of trees and shrubs on order when our green goods buyer returns from her coast-to-coast travels late Winter / Early Spring.  She always finds new varieties and specimens. Until then…

Our Greenhouses are open and we carry houseplants, citrus, airplants, succulents, cacti, and fairy gardening supplies.

For information on our seasonal selection  please call the garden center, or send an email to

For a broad idea of the plants we carry and in depth information on their care, please see our Plant Library. It has excellent search tools to help you find the right plant, and you can create a list of your favorites.

Shhh! Plants are sleeping. Check back sometime in February.