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Hardscape Glossary

PAVERS – manufactured concrete in specific shapes and sizes often square or rectangle and come in a variety of colors sizes range from 4”x4” to 6”x6” and 8”x8” in squares and 2’x4’ to 6’x9”in rectangles. Some permeable pavers come in different shapes and sizes. Can be used in walkways, patios, and driveways.

SLABS – large manufactured concrete pavers designed for patios and large walkways. Cannot be used in driveways unless they are 80 mms thick or above.

TREADS – Treads are used for capping stairs or walls. They are natural stone such as granite, bluestone , limestone etc and can be used on different stairs such as manufactured wall block steps or natural natural stone steps and come in different lengths and widths and 2” thickness. They can be split face or rock faced in granite, thermal or rockface in bluestone or limestone.

WALLS – Can be made from manufactured concrete wall blocks, cinder blocks and veneer, natural stones such as Pennsylvania flat or new England round stone. They can be single sided to retain soil along a driveway or double sided for sitting walls or to delineate property lines. If a retaining wall is above 4 ft high it needs to have geo grid installed in every 4th layer for strength in retaining the soil behind it.

COPING AND CAPS – Coping and caps give the finishing touch to walls, pools and manufactured block steps. They can be made of various materials such as granite, bluestone, limestone or manufactured to look like stone, can be smooth, thermal or splitface.

GEO GRID – High strength geo textile formed into a grid of squares engineered to lock walls into place. The stones lock the geo grid in place to retain soil. Does not need to be installed in sitting walls, only single sided retaining walls.

PATIO – large or small area to extend your living space to include the outdoors. Great spot to relax by a firepit or to gather with friends for a bbq. Can be made of pavers or slabs with retaining walls to hold back the landscape or double sided sitting walls to expand the seating area.

WALKWAY – path way leading from driveway to house or house to patio or pool area. Can be made of pavers or small slab applications. Bigger slab applications such as Techo Blu 60 or Cambridge Ledgewood xl 3 piece design would be to large to get the proper look.

STEPPING STONES – Large stones laid in a path to get from here to there, informal or formal look. Natural stone or manufactured in concrete to look like natural stone, tree stumps, irregular shapes, round or square.

FIRE PIT – Round or square structure made of concrete blocks designed for holding fires safely in place. Accessories include fire rings to protect the block, grates for grilling, spark catching screens . Can also be outfitted with propane burners and decorative glass beads for a safer fire that turns on and shuts off.

FIREPLACE – large outdoor structure made of concrete block and veneer stones or natural stones built by stone masons to have larger contained fires. Come in kits from our manufactured paver vendors. Can be incorporated into outdoor living areas such as patios or pool decks.

PIZZA OVEN – Just what it says, pizza oven outdoors. Come as ready built kits or base kit that can be veneered with manufactured or natural stone veneer.

VENEER – Thin slices of natural stone cut from real rocks or manufactured in colored concrete in forms to look like real stone.

STEPS – granite, concrete block, bluestone or manufactured concrete to look like real stone . granite steps come 7inches high by any length needed. 4 ft 5ft and 6ft are most common.

Wall block can be used with caps or treads to finish them off. Natural stone such as Pennsylvania flats can be used with treads as well.

DRIVEWAYS – large areas used for entering and exiting a property and parking for vehicles. Can be made of asphalt, concrete pavers and slabs can only be used if over 80 mms in thickness. Each paver distributor makes edges for driveway applications to restrain pavers from moving that look like natural stone and can also hold gravel in the driveway area if such an installation was chosen. Driveways can offer a first look at a property with an apron at the very foot of the driveway in a product different from the body of the drive such as cobblestones, or a separate paver such as Cambridge beligium or Techo Antika to really make your driveway stand out from the rest.

THERMALING OF BLUESTONE – The process of using fire to give texture to the top of bluestone pieces to be used in treads or patios.

PATTERN STOCK – natural cleft bluestone, ridges left from the splitting process in natural stone

IRREGULAR BLUESTONE – Large pieces of non uniform bluestone that can be broken on site for random patterns.

FILLER BLOCK – Usually pieces of granite stock used to fill the voids between the backs of granite steps to a structure. 7 inches high so the next step will sit flush and in code.

SPLITFACE – process of splitting granite or concrete blocks to give a non uniform face of the step or cap.

ROCK FACE – using a hammer and chisel to give the appearance of natural rock formations on the front and sides of granite or bluestone or limestone treads or steps.

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