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Varieties of Rudbeckia

Mid-summer sees rudbeckia, one of America’s iconic flowering plants, burst into bloom. The varieties of this plant go by several names – Black Eyed Susan, Coneflower and Gloriosa Daisy to name a few, but all of them bring cheerfulness to summer gardens.

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Dorm Room Plant Ideas

At this time of year college-bound students and their parents are busy making preparations, gathering together all the important supplies needed for a life away from home.  Along with pillows

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Summer Flowering Trees

Trees are everywhere in New England and for that reason, we probably don’t give them much thought, other than maybe to note things such as beautiful flowers, fall color, or impressive size. However, trees offer us a number of benefits, which extend beyond their visual interest and curb appeal.

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little bluestem grass weston nurseries. courtesy of Catherin Cooper

Little Bluestem Grass

by Catherine Cooper While I find it hard to pick a single favorite of any plant group, if I were pressed to choose an ornamental grass, I would select little

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Beech Tree Weston Nurseries

The American Beech Tree

Spring always brings to mind one of my favorite trees: beech. Not because it offers colorful blossoms to welcome the season, it doesn’t; but for the more subtle reason that,

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Why Lime?

It’s Lime Time …. no, we don’t mean fruity limes. We’re talking about lime for your lawn! Lime is a valuable soil amendment that helps plants and lawns flourish by

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