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Drought Stress

This summer’s extreme heat and drought —unprecedented in some regions—is now manifesting with obvious effects on numerous trees, shrubs and plants in our neighborhoods and our personal gardens. Every plant

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by Wayne Mezitt By its very nature, the act of gardening disrupts nature’s master-plan to cover every available soil surface with vegetation. Most of us who garden have in mind

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Even Better Than Azaleas!

By Wayne Mezitt For many of us, the name “azalea” conjures up visions of a bountiful spring garden in all its glory. Few landscape shrubs are so versatile. Botanically all

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Forsythia Heralds Spring’s Arrival

by R. Wayne Mezitt What homeowner doesn’t recognize forsythia—that shockingly-bright beacon that bursts into bloom with those first mild temperatures every April!? Among the easiest plants to grow, forsythia’s yellow,

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Raking Leaves

Last week’s frosty temperatures and windy conditions certainly brought down a lot of leaves. If we leave them to overwinter on the lawn, fallen leaves can cause problems as they

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Clethra, Our Favorite Native Shrub

Among my favorite summer pleasures, golfing, bicycling or walking in the woods, is experiencing the heady, honey-peppery perfume of Clethra alnifolia, commonly and aptly known as sweet pepperbush or summersweet.

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