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Roses are known for their beauty, fragrance and stunning range of colors and types, making them one of the most enduringly popular garden and landscape plants. The genus Rosa has

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Rhododendrons and azaleas are among the world’s most popular landscaping choices due to their appealing flowers, attractive foliage and suitability for a range of soil and light conditions. Rhododendron is

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Houseleek or Sempervivum Succulent


What Are Succulents? “Succulent” is a way of describing a plant and not a scientific or botanical name for a specific group of plants. All succulent plants have the ability

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Starting a New Lawn

Starting a Lawn by Seed: Preparation and Installation Installing a New Lawn with Sod: Preparing the Soil  Measuring and Ordering Sod  Laying Your Quality Sod  Watering Schedule  1st Week  WATER  WATER 

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Pink purple cone flowers, echinacea, native perennials, pollinator, attracts birds, gold finches and butterflies


The ways we design our gardens can help support more pollinators. And it’s not simply about the flowers: pollinators, with their life stages, are key connectors in assuring a thriving

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Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses are a striking addition to most landscapes. They can provide multi-season interest, structure, texture, movement, and even a soothing rustling sound with the slightest breeze. They are available

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Orchidaceae is one of the largest families of flowering plants, with more than 25,000 species identified.  Wild orchids can be found on every continent except Antarctica, although the majority of

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We rely upon many species native to this region (and those native to regions of similar climate) for much of our landscaping. By definition, native plants are those that are

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Lawn Maintenance

Early Spring Preparation: March might be too early to get a start on your lawn, but it is a great time to get your mower blades sharpened. A dull blade

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If you already have hydrangeas in your landscaping, recognizing which type of hydrangea it is will help you care for it properly and thus get the most out of it.

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