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Did you know that planting native deciduous trees can create wildlife habitat, increase biodiversity, and improve soil health? With a variety of shapes and sizes, there are options to incorporate native deciduous trees into any project. 

[Background: White Oak]

Using broadleaf evergreens in your garden bed is a great way to brighten up your landscape during the winter, and by incorporating native broadleaf evergreens, you provide food and shelter for local wildlife during the cold months.

[Rosebay Rhododendron]
[Background: Creeping Wintergreen]

Gardeners love the many uses of needled evergreens, and a privacy hedge can also support native wildlife. Needled evergreens add ecological value, year-round color, and critical habitat for insects and birds.

[Eastern Red Cedar]
[Background: Frasier Fir]

At Weston Nurseries, we love to teach “Right Plant, Right Place” for successful plantings. Your selection can ensure your garden bed thrives for years to come, and nothing covers a diverse range of habitat quite like our native deciduous shrubs.

[Carolina Allspice]
[Background: Bottlebrush Buckeye]

We love the unique ways that vines can add interest to your garden—to add a pop of color to a fence, provide shade on a pergola, or climb along an arch to create an exciting entryway. When shopping for vines, consider the beautiful native options as an alternative to non-natives. 

[Background: Virginia Creeper]

Add color, texture, and durability to your garden bed using native perennials. Our native perennials are adapted to the variable New England climate, so they often require less water than the non-native alternatives.

[Blue Flag Iris]
[Background: Butterfly Weed]

Visit our Native Plants Education Center

Here at Weston Nurseries, we believe that little changes can have big impacts. One of the many ways we can all contribute to those big impacts is by selecting and utilizing native plants in our gardens and landscapes.

We are on a mission to restore landscapes, aligning them with nature’s harmony. We would love for you to join us in that mission. We are dedicating a section of our website to educating and informing about utilizing natives and nativars in landscaping to improve the environment.

Whether you are new to native plants or a seasoned expert, pop over to learn more – we are always adding new material.

Let’s make a positive impact together!

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