Top 7 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit in Your Yard

By Hilary Kassler

  1. Fire pits are a perfect visual and social focal point for your outdoor space. A fire pit can help transform your yard or patio into an additional living and entertaining space.
  2. A fire provides the perfect atmosphere for social gatherings. Everyone loves to sit around a fire – the flickering flames can create a romantic ambiance and can also provide screen free entertainment for all.
  3. A fire pit encourages you to spend more time outside. Do some stargazing or just relax in the natural surroundings.
  4. Watching the flickering flames can promote tranquility and relaxation. We could all use a little help to unwind from our hectic lives.
  5. You can use a fire pit year round. An outside fire can be warm and cozy in the winter or on a nippy fall evening. A fire on balmy summer evening can light up the yard and provide an entertaining spot for family and friends.
  6. You can cook on a wood burning fire pit. Add a grate on top of your pit and your culinary adventures can go beyond s’mores!
  7. Fire pits are safe when used responsibly. Place your pit at least 10 feet away from anything flammable, including buildings, sheds, wooden decks and overhanging branches or eaves. Keep a bucket of sand or a hose nearby and make sure you are familiar with your local fire safety regulations.

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