It has been a while since I have heard that famous slogan from Southwest Airlines “Wanna Get Away? ”

I think all of us would love to get away after what we have gone through.  How are we supposed to get away?  Well how about a Staycation?

Home improvement projects are on the rise these days and by creating an Outdoor Living Space on your property, you can get away outside in your own yard and have fun with friends and family.  Keep in mind that creating a relaxing, stylish outdoor living space or outdoor room can greatly increase the appeal and value of your home as well as providing an oasis to enjoy the great outdoors in supreme comfort.  

Which Outdoor Living Space Ideas Are Best for You?

Once you’ve decided to invest in a new outdoor living space or to upgrade your existing outdoor living area, the next step is to decide what its function will be.  The goal here is to extend your indoor space to the outdoors, whether it is to build a deck, patio or even go big and build an outdoor dining room and kitchen or a lounge to watch movies with your outdoor theater.  The possibilities are endless!

Every customer I interact with has a different goal.  Many have spent time researching different websites and blog posts for inspirational ideas.  Weston Nurseries represents three different Hardscape manufacturers – Cambridge Pavingstones system with ArmorTec® , Techo-Bloc, and Pavers by Ideal.   All three manufactures have beautiful catalogs and websites to help inspire you. You can pick up a full color catalog for all three manufacturers at anyone of our locations or look through their websites to inspire your creativity and spark new ideas. Each manufacturer has products to suit every taste, from rustic and traditional to sleek and modern.

A beautiful outdoor living area, built with your input and preferences in mind, will provide you with many years of enjoyment.

Outdoor Kitchen and Dining Room:

Throw away the picnic table and consider installing an outdoor bar, grill and don’t forget to add the outdoor pizza oven, because who doesn’t love a homemade pizza?  Talk about farm to table concept –  you can pick those delicious vegetables right from your garden, prepare them outside, and create a magnificent meal for your friends and family without having to go inside.

Outdoor Entertainment Areas:

Installing a pavilion will help create the illusion of seamlessly extending your indoor living to the outdoors.  Hang a TV under your pavilion to watch a movie or game with family while creating a living room “vibe.” Televisions and sound systems are the perfect focal point.  The covered area will shield you from the outdoor elements and will allow you to utilize your outdoor space throughout all four seasons. Add comfy couches, chairs, recliners, and side tables to recreate a living room feel in the great outdoors.

Fire Features:

The sound and sight of a crackling fire can be very soothing.  Whether you are sitting back reading a book by yourself or having drinks with guests, an outdoor fire feature enhances those experiences. We have a wide variety of fire features that will match any type of outdoor space. A fire pit can be used as the focal point of your outdoor space so family and guests can gather around and enjoy a relaxing night. If you have a bigger space to work with, an outdoor fireplace serves the same purpose but will be a statement piece for your outdoor living area!


Like the sounds and sight of a fire, a water element can be soothing and relaxing. If you opt to install a water feature such as a fountain or waterfall, it can add to the outdoor experience by connecting you to sounds and sights of nature.  Water elements can be large or small, so even the smallest spaces can accommodate a water feature in the design.  

A pool would certainly be considered a large water feature that many of us would love to have during these hot summer days. If you don’t have room for a pool how about a hot tub?  There are so many ways to incorporate water in your outdoor surroundings.

Jim Connolly, MCH, MCLP

Garden Center Manager, Weston Chelmsford

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