Our Lincoln Greenhouse is now open but having technical issues with the phone lines.
You can call our Hopkinton location with questions: (508) 435-3414 

Plant Delivery

Garden Center Plant Delivery

For your convenience, Weston Nurseries offers a variety of delivery and installation services.

We deliver plants and landscaping products including sod and hardscape materials to most areas in Massachusetts and into surrounding states. We can usually deliver your order within one week. Our delivery system is based on delivery to certain zones on different days of the week. Delivery rates differ depending on your location, and any of our garden center sales staff can provide you a quotation. Please refer to our Delivery Zone Chart for more information. Our driver places plants and products on or off to the side of driveways. View pricing on our Plant Delivery Charges chart.

2023 Hopkinton Delivery Rates

Tailgate Deliveries

Use for deliveries of LARGE/HEAVY nursery goods. The driver will place goods at the side of the truck upon delivery. If a customer would like plants placed adjacent to the hole, then either the customer must provide assistance to the driver, or we can provide a second person to help with unloading, in which case the cost to the customer is $50 /hour for ZONE 1 and $100 for ZONE 2.

This is only an option if the tree is able to be handled by the driver, if too big/heavy then equipment must be used.

Please Note: From HOPKINTON there is a COMMERCIAL shipping minimum: Spring/Fall $1,500 value, Summer $1,000 value.

All Moffet deliveries require Hardscape Release Form.  Please call our retail stores for stone delivery rates.
This service is based on unloading in a respectable time. Increase rates accordingly.

Use provided chart, if delivery town is not listed or is out of state use $7.00 per mile one way for the delivery charge.

2023 Chelmsford Delivery Rates

2023 Chelmsford Zones

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