Making Your Yard Beautiful Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Making Your Yard Beautiful Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Our knowledgeable and professional staff are here to help you find the perfect trees, plants and shrubs for your landscaping. If you visit us with pictures of your yard and an idea of how you want it to look, we can make your landscaping dreams come true.

Check out the Before and After slider below to see the difference proper landscaping can make in a house’s “curb appeal’!

It really is as easy as following the 3 simple steps listed below.

Step 1. Visit Weston Nurseries (Hopkinton or Chelmsford)
Before you come, measure your landscape project area, jot down notes about your site conditions (soil depth and soil quality) and the amount sun exposure (full sun, mostly shade, etc.) your yard gets during the day. It’s always good to have some pictures on your phone or your pad, too, so we can look together and help by making suggestions on plants that would work perfectly for your home.

Spend some enjoying our plant search tool to get an idea of what you think would work best for your yard. You can use neighbors’ and friend’s yards for inspiration on which trees, shrubs and plants would look great at your home.
Having all of that information will help us make accurate recommendations based on your specific site conditions and your wishes for your landscape.

Step 2. Shop
Come to either of our garden centers (Hopkinton or Chelmsford) to pick the plants you love from acres of fresh trees, shrubs, and perennials and we will tag them for you and remove them from our selling floor.
Pick colors, textures and foliage that will make your garden come alive exactly as you envisioned! Talk to your salesperson about your level of gardening experience and they will help you pick plants that will be easy for you to maintain.

Step 3. Delivery
We will have your plants delivered within a few days if you’d like to do the planting yourself OR we are happy to help arrange planting for you.
If you shop in our Hopkinton store, we can schedule our planting crew to come to your home and plant what you’ve purchased and if you shop in Chelmsford, our staff is happy to give you references for reputable local landscapers who can do the job for you.

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Weston Nurseries is committed to being a center for horticultural knowledge. Enjoy!

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