Starting at the beginning is the only way to explain how the compost we produce is so good. My compost career began here at Weston Nurseries back in February of 2014. It started out like any other job, but I soon realized this was more than a job. I really liked the recycling aspect of the bulk yard, and left me with a feeling of pride and purpose in my new career choice. I found myself reading any books about composting I could get my hands on, and touring other similar facility’s in New England on my own time.

Roberto became my loader operator and right hand man in the yard during the spring of 2016. I now had the help I needed to bring the Bulk Yard to the next level, but I still hungered for more wisdom. I wondered if there was a local school that I could attend to broaden my knowledge of operating a medium to large scale composting facility.

Late one night I stumbled upon the Maine Compost School on a link off the University of Maine’s website. It was exactly what I was looking for, but I needed financial support for tuition and a place to stay in Maine. After explaining my idea about the Compost School to Peter Mezitt, President of Weston Nurseries, he did not hesitate to give me the financial support I needed.

I completed the course in October of 2017 and felt confident now to implement some minor changes to the way we ran the Compost Facility. With the support of management, co-workers, customers, and the new knowledge I gained we make some of the best compost around.

It’s not hard to see the pay off after seeing the test results on our last batch of compost. An Adobe Acrobat copy of the University of Maine’s compost analysis report is posted below.

Roberto and I are very proud of the material we produce in the Bulk yard, and it shows in our finished product.

Patrick J. Goudreau
Bulk Materials Yard Supervisor

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