Christmas Tree Care

Christmas Tree Care

Caring For Your Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree

When selecting a fresh-cut Christmas tree, make sure that:

  • The tree is fresh and the needles are not falling off.
  • The tree trunk is straight.
  • The thickness of the trunk will match your tree stand.
  • We will gladly cut at least 1 to 2 inches off the base of the tree.

When you get home:

  • Immediately place the tree into a bucket of water or directly into your tree stand filled with water
  • Place a plastic tree disposal bag beneath your tree stand to protect from water leaks and to speed clean-up after the holidays
  • If the tree is tied, cut the ties after setting the tree in stand
  • Wait 4 to 5 hours before decorating the tree to allow the branches to settle down

To prolong the life of your fresh-cut Christmas tree:

  • Keep your tree watered, checking at least twice a day.
  • Add “Prolong” or aspirin to the water to help the tree absorb moisture.
  • Keep the room temperature no warmer than 70 degrees.
  • After 3 or 4 days, the cut base starts to heal over and the tree takes up less water.  Making an upside down “V” incision in the bark near the bottom of  the tree below the normal water line will help the tree continue to take up water.

Caring For Your Living Christmas Tree

If you intend to plant the outdoors:

  • Dig the planting hole as soon as possible, twice as wide as the root ball and deep as the root ball.
  • Store the excavated soil in a garage and mound the hole with leaves or hay to prevent freezing.

When indoors, your living tree should be:

  • In an unheated or cool room, away from heat sources (fireplace, radiator, or heat vent) and sunlight.
  • Watered daily with warm water.
  • Do not keep your living tree in a heated room for more than 6 days.  Prolonged warmth will force new growth that may freeze and be damaged when you move the tree outdoors.

After the holidays:

  • If the temperature will be 40 degrees or above, plant your tree in the pre-dug hole, using the reserved soil, and water thoroughly.  Next spring and summer, water your tree once a week.
  • If temperatures will be colder for an extended period, store the tree for 2 to 3 days in your garage to let it “cool off”.  Water it at least once.  Then move it to an unheated protected location – a detached garage, shed, screened porch, beneath a deck, or next to the east side of your house – and cover the root ball with bark mulch, straw, or leaves to a depth of 18” on all sides. Plant in the spring
  • You may apply an anti-desiccant spray to keep needles from losing valuable moisture

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