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Oak trees are a familiar sight in our landscape, and while their value as timber and shade trees is well

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Horticulture Women

Women Horticulturists

While many famous names in horticulture belong to men, throughout the centuries there have been many women who have made notable contributions to the various fields of botany, horticulture and garden design.  Some are well known, others not so, but all have contributed to the world of plants and gardening.

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coral bark japanese maple stems

Winter Bark

Winter in Massachusetts is the season when the landscape is relatively bare and color is mostly restricted to muted green and shades of brown and gray. However, despite a limited color palate in our vegetation, there are trees which become the stars of the winter landscape with their colorful and interesting bark. If you are looking to create a focal point in your garden during the winter months, here are some trees you could consider.

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