Sod Delivery & Install

Sod Delivery


Qty. per roll/10 sq. ft. Price

1-99 rolls (10-990 sq. ft.) 9.99 roll
100-149 rolls (1000 -1990 sq. ft.) 8.49 roll
150-299 rolls (2000 -2990 sq. ft.) 7.99 roll
300-499 rolls (3000-4990 sq. ft.) 7.49 roll

SOD Information
Each Piece = 10 sq. ft. (2’ X 5’) Each Pallet = 50 Pieces Each Pallet = 500 sq.ft.
600 sq. ft. pallets available if needed

There are different blends available, depending on customer’s needs. We typically supply the 90/10 Sod Blend. If a customer would like to have a specific blend outside of this the minimum order is 1000 sq. ft. and would need to be requested. See last page for sod blends and varieties.

We guarantee that our sod is in a healthy growing condition at the time of pickup or delivery. Sod is perishable and must be installed the same day it is delivered or picked up. After installation, sod must be watered immediately and thereafter at regular intervals as required. Claims, to be considered, must be made within 24 hours of pickup or delivery.

To insure availability of SOD it is recommended that you be pre-order 24-48 in advance.
All sod orders must be prepaid. The site must be well prepared prior to shipment.

A Pallet Deposit of $15.50 per pallet applied to every order. When pallet is returned in good condition, $15.50 will be credited. Pallet deposit credit is available only if pallet was purchased through Weston Nurseries.

Tall Turf Type Fescue Mix available for additional charge, please ask for details.

NEW- Sod INSTALL Service is available, ask for details!

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