Moles and Voles

Yesterday your lawn looked great, but today you woke up to a lawn with raised mounds and tunnels throughout.  The tunnels make mowing difficult and just won’t go away.  You

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Our Favorite Customers

By Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries It’s like parenting.  Each customer is our favorite customer.  But we have a special affection in our hearts when we hear a

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Every year, those of us who love to garden with perennial flowers can’t wait to explore all of the new plants that have hit the market!  New colors, flower and

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The Truth About Golden Rod

By Eileen Johnson, Weston Nurseries Horticulturist Solidagos, more commonly known as goldenrods, are native perennials seen blooming abundantly in sunny meadows in late summer. But they are plagued with an

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Clematis Planting and Care

Site Requirements:  Most clematis will grow in full sun (more than 6 hours) but prefer some afternoon shade.  There are clematis, in addition, that tolerate or prefer part to full

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Deer Resistant Plants

The following are plants that are generally considered least favored by deer in this region. They are categorized into two groups: Rarely Damaged and Rarely Severely Damaged. Rarely Damaged plants

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lawn mower

Lawn Care Month by Month

You can also view our Lawn Maintenance Guideline for more information. MARCH Sharpen mower  Cleanly cut grass is less susceptible to disease.Lime  Pelletized lime is the easiest to use.  Do

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