Garden Consultation Service

A nursery professional will come to your home to consult with you about what you can do to improve your lawn and garden areas and outdoor living spaces.

  • We’ll visit your home and walk your property to make recommendations on what you need to do to successfully create your desired outdoor space.
  • Listening to your preferences and looking at plant options, we can help you determine plants that best suit your site.
  • We can provide advice and make recommendations for: identifying existing plants, reviewing transplanting options, new plant options, pruning needs, lawn area improvement, watering, and other product and general maintenance activities for improving your landscapes.
  • We can provide a quote for plant material, lawn and garden products, and delivery if you want to do the project yourself.
  • Alternatively, if you want to arrange for an installation, we will refer you to Weston Nurseries approved installers to quote the project. The companies we will refer to you will be the companies that best match the type of work involved and typically do landscape construction work in your area.
  • Consultations are conducted by our experienced garden center staff and are scheduled according to their availability.
  • The Garden Consultation Service fee is $200 for a single 60 minute local consultation. Additional charges may apply depending on distance and travel time.
  • Please note: This service is not intended to be a formal Landscape Design Service and does not include measurements, layouts, or drawings. If you need a design done, we can refer you to one of our more comprehensive design services for an additional fee.

Call (508) 962-1051 (Hopkinton) and (978) 349-0055 (Chelmsford) to make an appointment.

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For more information, or to make an appointment with one of our Designers, please call:

508-962-1051 Hopkinton
978-349-0055 Chelmsford

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