Bulk Materials

We have a wide assortment of mulch, soils, compost and gravel available in bulk at both our Hopkinton and Chelmsford Garden Centers, available for pick-up or delivery. At our Hopkinton Bulk Materials Yard we produce our own high-quality mulch and compost, made to high-quality standards for the benefit of your garden and landscape. If you have a specific color or texture in mind, we recommend visiting one of our locations to see the material in person.

Need help estimating how much you need? We can advise you on how many cubic yards you need based on information that you give us. Please keep in mind that bulk materials are final sale, and you are responsible for double checking your own calculations before you commit to a delivery. We cannot refund or take back bulk materials once they have been delivered to you.

Compost – Concrete Sand – 3/4″ Crushed Stone – Wood Chips – Dense Grade Paver Base – Dark Mulches  

Order Bulk Materials:

508-293-8091 (Hopkinton)
978-349-0055 (Chelmsford)

Hopkinton Bulk Material Pricing

Chelmsford Bulk Material Pricing