Growing Wild Program

Growing Wild for Pollinators!

Weston Nurseries is excited to be working with the Massachusetts DAR on their Growing Wild campaign! Stop by our nursery to pick up a FREE kit of native plants, seeds and gardening supplies to plant your own pollinator garden this spring.

Come visit us June 4 through June 7 (or while supplies last), and pick up your FREE pollinator kit. They’re available at all three (3) retail locations: Hopkinton, Hingham and Chelmsford while supplies last.

Your pollinator kit includes native plants, seeds and gardening supplies to plant your own pollinator garden!

Come visit us:

Hopkinton and Hingham are open every day from 9am to 5pm and Chelmsford is open 8am to 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 6pm on weekends.

See you soon! Click here to View Our Locations

In order to take advantage of this great giveaway, you will need to bring this coupon with you to any of our retail stores either on your phone or downloaded and in hand. Thank you!

Did You know?

About the Growing Wild Program

Growing Wild is a movement to help preserve and protect native pollinators in Massachusetts by enhancing our landscapes to benefit pollinators and the environment. To celebrate the second season of the campaign, the Massachusetts DCR and MDAR are distributing pollinator garden starter kits to help to teach Massachusetts residents about the vital role of pollinators in our ecosystem and how each resident can be part of preserving and protecting it by planting their own native plant gardens.

We Depend on Pollinators!

Pollinators are critical to the health of our environment – 75% of all flowering plants including 35% of the plants that we eat depend upon pollinators to reproduce. Pollinators play a critical role in supporting the health of native habitat here in Massachusetts – from the sand dunes of Cape Cod to the hardwood forests of central Mass to the alpine habitat of the Berkshires – our native pollinators ensure that the ecosystems that are unique to our state survive and thrive.

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