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Special Order Plants Online from Monrovia

Now you can special order plants from’s exclusive catalogue and have them shipped FREE to Weston Nurseries for pickup.

Here’s How it Works: 
1. Order your plants online at Select from a large availability of trees, shrubs, perennials and edibles in their collection, all suited for your area.
2. At checkout, choose to have your plants shipped to either our Hopkinton or our Chelmsford Garden Center. Shipping is FREE!
3. Monrovia will nurture your plants in their growing fields until they are ready to be planted in your area. They will then notify you when they are being shipped to Weston Nurseries.
4. When your plants arrive at Weston Nurseries, a sales associate will notify you that your order is ready to be picked up at our Garden Center. You may collect your order in person for free, or you may arrange for additional delivery and installation services.
Please note that there is a charge for additional delivery and installation services from Weston Nurseries. Please contact a Weston Nurseries sales associate for more information:

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