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Monstera Deliciosa, AKA Split Leaf Philodendron or Swiss Cheese Plant-  Our Houseplant-of-the-Month

Our #plantofthemonth is the Split Leaf Philodendron. Split Leaf Philodendron. The Spit leaf philodendron, also called monster deliciosa or swiss cheese plant, is a popular easy-care houseplant that is not really in the philodendron family. If you want a bit, tropical, low maintenance plant, this is the perfect one. Medium to bright light is best and be sure to keep soil damp but not boggy. This plant prefers warm temperatures and high humidity. Unlike most indoor plants, split leaf philodendrons prefer root space and will produce larger leaves if put in a bigger pot. If you have pets, be sure to place out of reach as this plant is poisonous.

Our 6” size Split Leaf Philodendron is regularly $29.99. Our Plant of the Month special price $24.50. Pricing is good while supplies last. May not be combined with other offers.

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