Position: Operations Supervisor – Retail

Reports to: Store Manager

Positions reporting to you: Yard Service Personnel & drivers that all share responsibility toward key customer service functions, i.e., Incoming deliveries, outgoing deliveries, loading customer orders, special orders, irrigation, facilities and yard maintenance

Position Summary: This position manages the complete flow of incoming & outgoing of all green goods, hard goods and hardscapes (stone products) from receipt to final loading. This position oversees and manages the backbone of our clearly defined operational functions that provide a high level of service to our customers. Budgeting, staffing, training, adhering to Weston Nurseries’ processes & systems, and executing horticultural best practices all play a major role toward the success of this role.

Primary Responsibilities


Work directly with Greengoods buyer, store manager and with the delivery coordinator to see that Weston Nurseries standards and practices are being upheld with regard to quantity, quality and size on all inbound product. Work with yard staff on proper yard layout/placement and display of all landscape supply products that we offer.

Inventory Management

Manage high moving/seasonal items inventory through regular cycle counts. Work closely with the buyers to perform daily troubleshooting and fixing of negative inventory issues. Work with Store manager for complete readiness toward annually scheduled physical inventories. Instill a culture of inventory accuracy among all staff that handles product, develop and enforce standards with regards to picking. Oversee & challenge all picked items according to what is on the sales order. Return canceled products that are “unsold” to stock on a regular basis assuring they are accurately tagged and recorded back into inventory. Record scrapped material in a timely manner.

Horticultural Best Practices:

Exercise best practices in regard to merchandising, yard lay-out, irrigation, fertilization, disease control, handling, restocking, re-burlapping, purging, and other general maintenance. Provide the wholesale yard with a clean, orderly presentation of all the plants and landscape supplies we offer.

Outbound Deliveries:

Work directly with the shipping manifest & delivery coordinator to ensure Weston Nurseries standards are being met on outbound materials, while maximizing our assets toward daily multiple delivery options.

Special Order Process:

Oversee all incoming special order product to ensure it is all assembled & identified to sold or holding areas. Work with office staff to develop and constantly improve efficiencies within the special order process

Staff Supervision:

Establish labor budget and schedule staffing levels to accommodate the core business needs while closely managing over-time hours throughout the year.


Conduct & show evidence of weekly safety training for operations personnel so that we operate in a safe manner around our customers and each other. Continue to advance and develop on going safety training and enforce Weston Nurseries standards with regards to safety policy. Look for zero accidents or incidents annually.

Asset Management:

Establish, Post and monitor maintenance programs for all equipment and facilities in sales area operations. Provide necessary training where needed to have full compliance. Work with management to forecast equipment shortcomings and allocate resources for future equipment replacement. Conduct minor repair work on equipment as needed and coordinate larger repairs with management or outsourced companies in the area. Perform repairs on irrigation system as needed in order to maintain a healthy application of water to our green goods areas.

Work schedule

Working extended hours during the busy season (April-June) up to 55 hrs per week would not be considered outside of the ordinary during these times.

Mon thru Friday: 7AM -5PM Saturday: 7AM – 2PM

A minimum of 40 hrs a week for the remainder of our season.

Other Requirements

· Strong customer service skills

· Strong communicator with staff & management

· Strong planning and organizational skills

· Organize & energize staff in advance and beginning each day

· Ability to multi-task, problem solve

· Ability to train and develop staff into a productive work environment

· Solid knowledge of plant material, plant health care, and best practices in a nursery setting with an emphasis on continued ed

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