Director of Wholesale Operations

Position: Director of Wholesale Operations

Department:  Hopkinton Wholesale

Reports to:  President

Salary: $90K-100K

Positions Reporting in (if any): Hopkinton Wholesale Supervisor, Wholesale Store Managers (Future)

Position Overview:

This position is a “runway” position that will initially focus on developing sound practices on how we manage sales and operations in our main location in our Hopkinton. Once certain goals and benchmarks are met, this position will then be responsible for all wholesale sales and operations throughout the company.  As such, the wholesale mangers from other locations will eventually report and meet regularly with this position so that all wholesale-related activities are performed in a unified manner and are clearly communicated to our staff and clearly presented to our customers.

Primary Responsibilities:

Initiate strategic planning sessions with the wholesale team and other managers in order to set standards and goals that lead Sales and operations groups to achieve year over year growth or improvement with sales, productivity, inventory sell-through, and presentation.

Lead store 3 team on a daily basis so that our staff feels they are given clear direction on how they perform their job duties and why it is important in context of the systems we rely on to properly operate the business.

Develop a strong and healthy culture of continuous improvement via encouraging input and frequent engagement with staff.

Establish good rapport and work closely with company buyers to push new green goods and hard goods products according to what customers are asking for or what they may benefit from once they know more about them.

Produce annual budgets for store 3 and provide guidance to other wholesale store managers.  Budgets to include Sales by department, COG, Payroll and expenses.

Work with HR to identify, hire and onboard people, maintain accurate job descriptions, conduct performance reviews, promote people, provide opportunities for advancement, and conduct disciplinary corrective action as needed.

Working along with marketing and other managers, host events and seminars that bring in experts from all areas who will educate and empower staff and provide meaningful information for our customers in order to make them more successful with their businesses.

Work with Director of Marketing and IT Director to develop robust marketing programs and capitalize on new technologies that provide value to our customer base.

Produce key customer and inventory-based reports on a regular basis to address important issues and make educated decisions.

Ensure wholesale staff is properly trained, according to individual roles, with our company software and all other technology we utilize to operate our business.

Ensure wholesale staff is properly on-boarded and receives appropriate attention with ongoing training in areas that will help them with: advancement within their desired career path, safety awareness, internal and external customer experience and product knowledge.

Plan and schedule in flexibility during busiest times in order to help out different areas of the operation as needed.  This is a lead by example position that will require confidence, knowledge and willing ness to work in any selling or operational capacity of the business.

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