Our Lincoln Greenhouse is now open but having technical issues with the phone lines.
You can call our Hopkinton location with questions: (508) 435-3414 

In-Store Design

We invite you to come to any of our garden centers and look around!
Design help in 3 simple steps.

Step 1 | Get Inspired!

We recommend you start off by using our online plant library and availability list to get inspired. You can search for plants by entering keywords, phrases, and specific characteristics. Make a list of your ideas and what you like before you come to see us in person.


Step 2 | Gather Info

Bring photographs of the area you are interested in planting, print out all of the plants, trees and shrubs you found in our availability list and plant library. You can also provide us with the measurements of the area and the amount of sun the area gets during the day.

Step 3 | Visit Us

Depending on how busy it is when you come to visit, we may be able to provide you with a rudimentary hand sketch of where the plants go so when you get home you know just what to do and how to make your yard beautiful.

In-Store Design

If you plan to bring your plant purchases home with you, it can be helpful to bring a larger vehicle that will hold all of your plant material and accompanying products like soils and fertilizers that you will need to complete most planting projects. 

We also offer delivery and planting services if that is easier for you!

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