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Hopkinton Bulk

No truck? No problem! We deliver our bulk material. Please click “Bulk Delivery Rates” below to view delivery rates. Bulk product delivery is available up to 10 yards. If you would like to purchase more than 10 cubic yards or if you’re town is not listed, please call us to make arrangements at 508-293-8050

Hopkinton Bulk Yard
125 East Main Hopkinton, MA 01748
Monday – Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm

If you are ordering multiple types of products, please place a separate order for each type of product. We cannot mix product on the delivery truck. A delivery fee will be charged for each order.

Premium Hemlock Blend Mulch

A blend of Hemlock and Spruce barks, color enhanced to maintain an auburn color all year long.

Price: $51.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston Premium Leaf Mulch

Aged, double ground leaves. Simple and effective. Dark Brown/Natural.

Price: $43.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston Premium Dark Pine Mulch

A blend of Pine and Spruce barks with aged branches, double ground. Dark Brown/Natural.

Price: $41.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston Natural Blend Mulch

A blend of Soft Wood and Aged Fall Leaves. Natural Medium Brown.

Price: $37.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston Screened Loam

Dark, rich, high organic 1/2” screened loam.

Price: $31.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston's Best Compost

Weed-Seed Free compost made from leaves and grass. Average amounts of Nitrogen, High in P, K, Ca, Mg. Recommended rate to use as 25-40% when improving soils. Our compost is certified for use in organic gardening and food production.

Price: $39.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston's Vegetable Garden Mix

Blend of Weston’s Best (Organic) Compost and Weston Screened Loam.

Price: $50.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston Dense Grade Paver Base

Mix of sand and stone that compacts. Ideal base material for paver projects.

Price: $37.00 /Cu. Yd.

3/4" Crushed Stone

Uniform screened stone perfect for most drainage projects and masonry work.

Price: $37.00 /Cu. Yd.

Concrete Sand

Comprised of a washed and screened coarse sand, this materials is perfect for mixing with aggregate and cement.  Used commonly as bedding sand before laying pavers.  Compatible for sand boxes too.

Price: $36.00 /Cu. Yd.

Wood Chips

Forest grade, 1″ average size with some larger sticks mixed in.

Price: $12.00 /Cu. Yd.

Weston Nurseries has partnered with Less Mess Enviro bags! Rather than have your soil delivery shipment dumped on your front lawn or driveway, leaving a mess that you have to clean up, Less Mess is delivered in pre-packaged resealable bags that let you use just the amount of soil, compost, stone, or mulch that you need and set the rest aside for future use.

Premium Garden Soil Blend

Price: $159.95 / Cubic Yard

Dark Pine Mulch

Price: $164.95 / Cubic Yard

Premium Hemlock Mulch

Price: $164.95 / Cubic Yard

Enhancing Leaf Mulch

Price: $159.95 / Cubic Yard

Premium Compost

Price: $159.95 / Cubic Yard

Paver Sand

Price: $169.95 / Cubic Yard

¾ Drainage Stone

Price: $169.95 / Cubic Yard

Paver Base Gravel

Price: $169.95 / Cubic Yard

Please fill out the order form below to place your order. If you choose to have your material delivered, we will follow up with a phone call to arrange a specific delivery date.

If you are ordering multiple types of product, please place a separate order for each type of product. We cannot mix product on the delivery truck. A delivery fee will be charged for each order.

Enter the information below to calculate how many cubic yards of mulch you will need.


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