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Marvelous Microgreens

If you've ever fancied yourself a farmer, you'll find that microgreens are an easy and satisfying way to grow your own fresh food, even during the doldrums of winter. Microgreens are basically the young tender [...]

Try *Living* this Christmas

Try *Living* this Christmas   Most people think of only two choices for a Christmas tree – real, freshly-cut (often called a “live” tree), or artificial (“permanent”). Each type offers advantages depending upon personal preferences: [...]

Real Christmas Trees are Farm-Grown!

We love this video produced by tree farmers, explaining all the benefits of choosing a REAL Christmas tree this holiday season!


Despite the widely held belief that the gardening season ends with the first frost and leaf drop, many important yard chores remain as we head towards the middle of November. You may be familiar [...]

Protect Your Garden from Winter Damage

By R. Wayne Mezitt In this region most winter damage on landscape trees and shrubs results from two major factors: dehydration and physical trauma. Now that winter weather has set-in, it’s too late for [...]

Fall Shedding on Evergreens

Fall Shedding In Evergreens This time of year we get quite a few concerned calls and emails from customers who are noticing that their new evergreens are turning yellow or auburn and dropping [...]

Why Lime?

It's Lime Time .... no, we don't mean fruity limes. We're talking about lime for your lawn! Lime is a valuable soil amendment that helps plants and lawns flourish by raising soil pH. [...]

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