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Controlling Poison Ivy

It seems to me that poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) has become a much bigger problem in my garden over the last several years, and this year it seems especially robust. Scientists confirm that higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere tend to enhance the growth of many weedy plants, including poison ivy. Mature vines produce seeds that are readily distributed by birds, and uncontrolled seedlings grow rapidly, even in deep shade, re-rooting along their stems. Poison ivy is native and grows in several forms: a vine trailing along the ground which re-roots along the stem; a shrub-like plant [...]

Clethra: Our Favorite Native Shrub

Among my favorite summer pleasures, golfing, bicycling or walking in the woods, is experiencing the heady, honey-peppery perfume of Clethra alnifolia, commonly and aptly known as sweet pepperbush or summersweet. In bloom from [...]

Bushel & Berry Fruit Trees

The Bushel and Berry Collection is changing the way we think about soft fruit. These compact plants, ideal for containers, are breathtakingly beautiful and produce amazing edible fruit. They also make an attractive addition to ornamental [...]

Getting the most from summer blooming perennials

As the dog days of summer arrive, many of the perennials in our gardens can look colorless and worn out.  But many types of perennials can rebloom, and with a little attention and planning [...]

Sustainable Practices

Ten Ways to Be A Sustainable Gardener Composting has the greatest sustainable impact by allowing you to reduce your waste and reuse it for your garden’s benefit! Gather organic food waste, animal manure, plant [...]

Paul Rogers 1929-2019

I’m sadly reporting that Paul Rogers, a fellow nurseryman and longtime colleague, passed away Sunday, July 20, 2019. Paul was so well known and respected in this region, always willing to share his knowledge [...]

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