The patience and attention that a vegetable garden requires is often a lot to keep up with over the summer. And at this point of the summer, the New England weather won’t give us much more time to plant and tend to our vegetable crops. With this short amount of time left to get the most out of our warm soil and summer showers, some seeds will produce fresh, delicious vegetables and greens until the very end of the season!


Arugula, kale, lettuce, and spinach will grow right to the edge of fall. These greens are such versatile and healthy ingredients—perfect for salads, sandwiches, and smoothies! Broccoli Rabe is another delicious green that grows well in the cooler weather and can be prepared many ways. With edible leaves, buds, and stems you’ll get the most out of this plant well into fall!


Beets thrive in cooler weather! In about 50 days, you will have a bountiful harvest of beets, and the greens are ready in about 30 days from planting. There are numerous ways to cook and prepare beets, such as boiling, roasting, steaming, and even raw. This superfood provides many health benefits, with low calories, high nutrition, blood pressure regulation, and a good source of fiber. 

Don’t go buy those cans of peas from the grocery store just yet! You can grow this crop until the end of the summer. With many uses in recipes for soups, stir fry, pasta salad, peas can be used in all your favorite meals. If you don’t have time to use up all your harvest, dry them out and save them for the winter!

Finish off the season strong with radishes, Japanese turnips, kohlrabi. These fast-growing crops are great both raw and prepared, which will make a great addition to almost any dish!

Don’t give up on your fresh crops just yet! These fast-growing, frost-tolerant crops will help you get the most out of the summer.

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