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It is a disease called Black Knot. Black knot of Prunus is caused by the native fungal pathogen Apiosporina morbosa.

Black knot occurs on more than 25 species in genus Prunus (cherry, plum, chokecherry, peach, nectarine, apricot, almond, etc.), but is particularly destructive on ornamental cherry, plum and chokecherry in the landscape.

Here is more information on it:


Viburnum: The Do-It-All Shrub

A man walks into a garden center. “I’m looking”, he says, “for something that grows quickly, is extremely hardy, doesn’t need a lot of care and is beautiful all the [...]

Fundamentals of Growing Dahlias

Dahlias are easy plants to grow and yield beautiful blooms from mid-summer through fall. In many respects, “dahlia culture” is similar to “tomato culture.” If you can grow tomatoes in [...]

A Rule of Thumb for When to Prune Deciduous Flowering Shrubs

"Is there a general rule of thumb for when to prune deciduous flowering shrubs?" is a question posed by beginning gardeners all the time. This is as it should be, [...]

Tips for Growing Clematis

Clematis plants are among the most popular and attractive flowering vines grown in the home landscape. These plants include woody, deciduous vines as well as herbaceous and evergreen varieties. They [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Container Gardening

Containers planted with a single species — rosemary or a bold variegated ornamental grass, for example — can be stunning garden accents. Containers planted with a mix of plants are [...]

Baby Birds Out of the Nest

When you come across a helpless-looking baby bird out of its nest, it’s hard to resist the overpowering urge to come to the rescue. But most of the time it's [...]

How To Harden Off Your Seedlings

These days, a great many gardeners are growing the plants for their garden from seeds. This allows a gardener to have access to a wide variety of plants that are [...]

How to Grow Blueberries in Containers

Growing blueberries in containers is so easy and effective that you might want to try it even if you have enough in-ground garden space where you can plant this antioxidant-rich [...]

Management of Cool Season Weeds

The warm temperatures of early spring have certainly helped the crocus and daffodil bulbs pop out of the ground quickly.  In addition to those beautiful flowers making a splashy entrance, [...]

Mid-March Lawn Care

Aren’t you glad we don’t live in Colorado?  They got upwards of 24” of snow last weekend.  With the warm weather last week, much of our snow has melted away [...]

State Flowers of New England

Can you name all the state flowers of New England? Surprisingly, they are not all native to the US. Not only that, they are not all flowers and one New [...]

Lucky Shamrock

It’s been a tough year for all of us, so how about growing your own luck? While you are unlikely to find shamrock plants (Oxalis regnellii) outdoors in New England, [...]

Early Blooms Anticipate Springtime

Last weekend I participated (via Zoom) in the 5th annual Galanthus Gala—a two-day celebration of the widely-acknowledged harbinger of spring: the snowdrop. This event attracts hundreds of enthusiastic Galanthus devotees; [...]

Top 6 Plants for Your Bathroom

It’s time to turn your bathroom into your own personal green oasis. Plants make the space more pleasant, add to the décor, and improve air quality. It’s also easy to [...]

Landscaping for Birds

You can easily convert an outdoor space—large or small—into a bird-friendly landscape by adding a few important habitat elements. The benefits of creating an avian haven may surprise you. Not [...]

Six Reasons Why Succulents Make the Best House Plants

Six Reasons Why Succulents Make the Best House Plants Houseplants are a favorite addition to many homes because they can brighten the room and a person’s mood, and they are [...]

Hanging Gardens

Hanging gardens are becoming increasingly popular as plant enthusiasts look to save valuable floor space by getting their plants up and off the ground. Not only are hanging gardens practical, [...]

Growing Dwarf Citrus Plants in the Northeast

For those of us that live here in the Northeast, in the cold winters, growing citrus is out of the question, right? Wrong, don’t shy away just yet! If you [...]

Create a Seed Starting Calendar

Now is the time to start planning your vegetable garden by making a schedule for your indoor seed starting. Some seeds such as peas, beans, corn, radishes, carrots, and beets [...]

Your At-Home Personal Flower Show

Logic tells us that hours of daylight actually began increasing just after Christmas time, albeit only incrementally at first. But from an emotional viewpoint, daylight deficiency this time of year [...]

Direct-Sow Seeds for “Cool-Season” Vegetables

When it comes to growing vegetables at home, you have two options for getting your garden started: you can start vegetables from seed (indoors or outdoors in the garden) or purchase small [...]

5 Reasons to Give Orchids This Valentine’s Day

There is more to a beautiful bouquet of flowers than what meets the eye. For centuries, flowers have been used as a means of expressing romantic sentiments and are symbolic [...]

How To Grow Herbs On Your Windowsill

You can bring your herb garden indoors for the winter, or all year, by planting a windowsill herb garden. Many herb plants grow quite well in containers and require only [...]

Go Paint Some Snow!

We finally got snow! Get creative with your outdoor nature crafts this winter by making some snow paint for your kids. Combine food coloring, powdered tempera paint or watercolor paints [...]

Winter Backyard Astronomy for Kids

With winter's shorter days come more opportunities to explore nature at night. Heading outside and looking up at the night sky for a few minutes is one of the simplest [...]

Seed Starting Indoors

Gardening can be an expensive hobby if you purchase all your plants as potted nursery specimens, instead of seed. Fortunately, most vegetables and ornamental plants can be started from seeds, [...]

Top 10 Foods for Winter Bird Feeding

Winter: ‘Tis the season for feeding birds all across North America, especially in those regions where it gets mighty cold and snowy. If you are bird feeding veteran, you’ve probably [...]

Low Light Houseplants to Brighten Up Your Home

Philodendron  Low light houseplants are perfect for frequent travelers or forgetful plant caretakers. One of the best indoor plant varieties, philodendron, is very tolerant of dark interiors. This fast-growing vine [...]

15 Best Smelling Houseplants

Plants do so much for us and ask for so little in return. Simply being in their presence confers a broad range of benefits – when we are around them [...]

Winter Pruning

It’s been a stressful year for all of us with so many of our usual activities heavily curtailed by the pandemic. A lot of people coped with that stress by [...]

Starting Seeds Indoors

When planning for a garden, a key thing to consider is whether you want to start your garden from seeds or from young plants (“transplants”) bought from a local nursery. Each option has its [...]

Growing Seeds Indoors: Common Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Guidance on Watering, Lighting, and Other Growing Factors It is quite economical to start growing seeds indoors, especially when the seedlings grow into robust plants. However, growing seeds indoors can [...]

5 Houseplant Trends in 2021

Now that winter is here and many of us have bundled up our outdoor gardens until next year, it’s the perfect time to focus more attention on our houseplants. Of [...]

Winter Wind-chill and Our Garden Plants

We all appreciate how being outdoors on a windy winter day when we’re insufficiently-clothed makes us feel much colder than the actual air temperature. This “wind chill” phenomenon is described [...]

Goodbye Christmas Tree, Hello Houseplants

Now that Christmas is over and we have begun to take down the fragrant evergreens –wreaths, garlands and Christmas trees- that have adorned our homes for the holidays, how do [...]

Christmas: How Gift-Giving And Caroling Began

Northern Europe has been the historic cradle of many customs and traditions we associate with Christmas today. Below are three of them. Gift-giving Gift-giving has its roots in pagan rituals [...]

The History of the Christmas Tree

Before Christmas trees were considered essential decor for the holidays, they were simply fragrant evergreens that served as a source of joy during the harsh winter months. Here, we'll take [...]

Christmas Ornaments: Their Origins, History and Meaning

Decorating the Christmas tree is one of the most cherished holiday traditions around the world. Families gather together each year, pull out boxes of beloved Christmas ornaments, and make memories [...]

Poinsettia Toxicity is a Myth

The Poinsettia is one of the most popular plants for home décor and gifts during the Christmas holiday season. Typically available in the traditional Christmas colors of red and green, [...]

The Surprisingly Deep History of the Christmas Wreath

Hanging a wreath on a door or a wall is almost as essential to decorating for yuletide as setting up a Christmas tree — and, as it turns out, the [...]

Wreaths: Nature’s Holiday Decorations

With the holiday season upon us, our human spirit develops a longing for comfort and reassurance, particularly this year with all the challenges we face. Perhaps it’s a response to [...]

Christmas Tree Care

FRESH-CUT CHRISTMAS TREES Buy your tree early! That way you can provide the water it won't get at the tree lot. When choosing a fresh cut tree, there are 3 things to [...]

Houseplants Make Us Happy

We are well past the six month mark of the COVID pandemic, many of us continue to work from home and the colder winter weather will keep us inside. That’s [...]

Witch Hazel

Common witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is a unique American shrub! I know of no other hardy woody plant that consistently blooms so late in the season. The distilled extract of [...]

Lasagna Gardening in 5 Easy Steps

By Meghan Shinn Horticulture Magazine Already dreaming of expanding your garden next spring? Lasagna gardening can help you get a head start by preparing a new planting area where you [...]

Composting At Home: The Easy & Sustainable Way

Now that we’ve experienced a killing frost, yard-cleanup time is upon us, and composting at home can be a great option for recycling many wastes from your yard. Advocates for [...]

10 Common Houseplant Pests

By Marie Iannotti at The Spruce Your houseplants spend all their time indoors where the temperature, sunlight, and humidity may not be optimal. That makes them easy prey for plant [...]

Weeping Trees

The winter holidays are upon us and Nature’s “winter gift” to us is now on display: Weeping trees. Her decorative autumn “giftwrap” of colorful foliage has fallen away, revealing for [...]

Herbs & Their Supernatural History

By Pam Shade October 27, 2020 Steeped in legends and lore, herbs provide a physical link to the beliefs and practices of people through the ages. A common element among [...]

Winter Gardening: Preparing Plants For Winter

New England gardeners have to expect some winter damage to plants no matter how well chosen, sited or cared for their plants may be.  There are, however, several ways to [...]

Backyard Bird Feeding is Spectacular in the Fall

By Melissa Mayntz at The Spruce Backyard bird feeding is great in the fall, and the right autumn bird feeding tips can help birders attract a wide variety of both [...]

Burning Bush: The Care-Free Shrub

As early as mid-October and continuing through much of November, it’s ubiquitous throughout the northeastern USA. This time of year we can’t help but remark at the brilliant, intensely-red foliage [...]

How to Force Paperwhites & Amaryllis

As the days get shorter and the weather cooler, we could all use a taste of summer brightness and color in our lives. Forcing bulbs indoors is one of the [...]

Fall Shedding on Evergreens

Fall Shedding In Evergreens This time of year we get quite a few concerned calls and emails from customers who are noticing that their new evergreens are turning yellow or [...]

Autumn Garden To-Do List

Before the first “hard” frost (~25°F) Dig up tender bulbs such as dahlias and non-winter-hardy plants for winter storage. Bring inside all frost/freeze-tender potted plants, after treating for insect problems. [...]

9 Essential Tips for Keeping Your Houseplants Healthy

No matter what plants you have in your collection, they all have similar basic needs. Here's how to keep them in tip-top shape. By BH&G Garden Editors Updated September 15, [...]

Fall is for Planting!

Over the years at this time of year you’ve likely seen the “Fall Is For Planting” slogan displayed at local garden centers. Professional horticulturists agree that autumn is an ideal [...]

Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo)

When a fruiting female Ginkgo tree grows in your neighborhood, October is an “interesting” time to be outdoors. Ginkgo’s late-autumn leaf coloration is exceptional, as is its tendency to abruptly [...]

8 Simple Do Now Steps to Get Your Roses Ready for Winter

There are a few simple things that you should be doing for your roses right now to help get them ready for their winter dormancy. 1. Stop deadheading – Deadheading [...]

Principles of Fall Planting

After Labor Day is a great time to plant many things.  The risk of heat stress is reduced and, because  evaporation is generally less of a problem, watering is easier.  [...]

Sensational Shrubs for Fall Color

By Hilary Kassler One of the greatest pleasure of living in the Northeast is watching the trees come into their brilliant fall hues, a spectrum of outrageous color - bright [...]

Panicle Hydrangeas for Fall Appeal

Few plants stand-out so spectacularly in the autumn garden as the panicle hydrangeas (Hydrangea paniculata & its cultivars). Fall’s cooler temperatures transform the flower colors of this species to create [...]

Hand Crafted Mailboxes

We are pleased to carry gorgeous hand embossed copper mailboxes locally crafted by the artist Gregory Hentzi. Each beautiful 3-dimensional design is a scene of animals in motion, a serene [...]

5 Reasons Why It’s Best To Seed In the Fall

Homeowners often have trouble figuring out when is the best time of the year to seed a lawn. Seeding at the wrong time can have negative effects on your grass [...]

Two Invasive Vines with Colorful Berries

Bt Wayne Mezitt As autumn begins its celebration of its journey toward winter, two notable vines with brightly-colored fruit attract our attention: oriental bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatus) and porcelain vine (Ampelopsis [...]

It’s Time to Plant the Garlic!

Garlic is one of the easiest plants that I grow in my vegetable garden and fall is the perfect season for planting this no fuss crop.  Planting at the end [...]

Autumn Olive–A Challenging Invasive!

By Wayne Mezitt Chances are you’re noticing this ubiquitous shrub this fall along roadways, at the edge of the woods and perhaps even in your own yard. Heavy clusters of [...]

Japanese Maples: A Pleasure Worth Waiting For

By Hilary Kassler No matter the season, when I am out walking the dog or even driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood, my eye is invariably drawn to those gardens showcasing [...]

Fall Planted Hardy Bulbs

Bulbs are self-contained packets of life.  Enclosed within them are leaves, flower buds and the food that is necessary to provide beautiful spring blooms.  For spectacular results, all you need [...]

Fall Color in Every Garden

If you’re like me, each autumn you probably enjoy viewing those TV weather/news reports that track the weeks-long southward progression of our world-renown “peak” fall color. But the fall-foliage season [...]

Fall’s Fabulous Fruit

Some of the plants in my gardens are looking a bit weary now as they approach their dormancy and the growing season draws to a close. But I’m encouraged by [...]

How to Bring Your Indoor Plants Back Inside

By Hilary Kassler The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler – both sure signs that fall is coming. What does this mean for all those houseplants [...]

Hibiscus for Your Summer Garden

By R. Wayne Mezitt Caribbean vacationers returning to harsher climates fondly recall those spectacular Hibiscus flowers that are ubiquitous and bloom so profusely in the tropics. Of course those tender [...]

Butterfly Bush—Buddleia

In late-summer gardens the Buddleias are one of the most commonly seen plants in this region—and for good reason. Few summer-flowing shrubs are so pest free and versatile in the garden, offering [...]

Spectacular Sedums

By Hilary Kassler Now that the glory of spring and early summer perennials is past its peak and your summer annuals are starting to look a little weary, perhaps you [...]

Demystifying Rhododendrons and Azaleas

By R. Wayne Mezitt, www.hort-sense.com The genus Rhododendron, dominates the heath family (Ericaceae); it comprises over 1,000 species and is one of the largest genera of woody plants in the world. [...]

The 17 Best Perennial Plants for Shade

By BH&G Garden Editors Brighten up not-so-sunny areas of your landscape with the foliage and flowers of these easy-to-grow plants. Big Root Geranium (Geranium macrorrhizum) One of the toughest shade-tolerant [...]

Weeds in Your Lawn: We Can Help

After a sweltering and sunny July and a hot start to August, my lawn is really stressed.  With water bans in place and only the occasional thunderstorm, my lawn has [...]

The 15 Most Underused Perennials

By BH&G Garden Editors Most gardeners are familiar with classic perennials such as daylilies, peonies, hostas, and iris, but there's a whole host of lesser-known, underused perennials that can add [...]

Oakleaf Hydrangea

By R. Wayne Mezitt With dozens of varieties and cultivars readily available at garden centers, hydrangeas continue to be rightfully among the most popular choices for gardens in this region. [...]

Swaying Superstars of the Late Summer Garden

As we head into the dog days of August, ornamental grasses are just hitting their stride and are poised to be the superstars of our late summer and early fall [...]

Key Principles of Proper Watering

We spend a lot of time watering our plants here at Weston Nurseries, so you could say that we know a thing or two about irrigation. Just about every staff [...]

Control Garden Pests Naturally!

We are entering that part of summer when our home vegetable gardens are reaching peak production. What could be more heartbreaking than babying all of those plants for months, only [...]


It has been a while since I have heard that famous slogan from Southwest Airlines “Wanna Get Away? ” I think all of us would love to get away after [...]


Ask any gardener, and it’s likely you’ll hear that the single most common mid summer garden challenge is management of weeds. A weed is generally considered to be a plant [...]

Top 7 Reasons to Install a Fire Pit in Your Yard

By Hilary Kassler Fire pits are a perfect visual and social focal point for your outdoor space. A fire pit can help transform your yard or patio into an additional [...]


Daylilies are popular, easy-to-grow, low-maintenance perennials that are tough, long-lived, and tolerant of neglect.

A Handy Guide to Harvesting Vegetables

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to provide your family with homegrown, organic food, but it’s not always easy to tell when crops are ready to harvest. Harvesting at the right time can have a big impact on crop yield and quality, and in order to help you get the most from your garden, we wanted to share our best tips on harvesting vegetables.

Alex Knott, Lead Designer

What you love about this business and specifically about landscape design?

Horticulture is a wonderful field in general but landscape design is amazingly gratifying. I can render my vision of a client’s landscape and in a matter of hours that vision becomes a reality. And years later, that vision still brings happiness to my clients.

Decoding Fertilizer

Have you ever wandered your local garden center and been mystified by the numbers prominently displayed on the bags of fertilizer?

It turns out that those numbers are pretty easy to decode. They always follow the same order: N, P, K. If you remember your high school chemistry, the first number represents the percentage of nitrogen (N), the second number is the percentage of phosphorous(P) and the third, the percentage of potassium(K).

Pruning Flowering Shrubs

People frequently tell us how apprehensive they feel about pruning their flowering shrubs, expressing fear that they’ll do it wrong and cause damage. But plants are so resilient that that’s [...]

Rose Care 101

Care and selection guidelines Roses are one of the most recognized plants in the garden. Roses have been around for a very long time and are very easy to grow [...]

Top Drought Resistant Plants

Top Drought Resistant ANNUALS 1.Moss Rose - Portulaca grandiflora Succulent greenery with ruffled flowers in many different hues 2. Sweet Alyssum – Lobularia maritime Low mounding plant with small flowers [...]

Pruning Tomatoes

How to manage your plants for better health and better fruit By Frank Ferrandino The intrinsic vigor and hardiness of tomatoes almost always guarantees a successful harvest. However, the rapid growth [...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas Plant a tree with Dad! Bring home a potted fruit tree or a flowering ornamental like Dogwood and spend some time in the yard planting it [...]

Take Your Indoor Plants Out

Now that the weather is consistently warmer and the days are getting longer, we all want to spend more time outside. This includes your houseplants! Most common houseplants are tropical [...]

Go Green With Compost

If you want to “go green” in your garden, compost is one of the best things you can use! When your soil is high in organic matter, beneficial micro-organisms get [...]

Your Garden Needs Water!

Water is unquestionably the lifeblood of every tree, shrub and plant on earth, the indispensable element that enables plants to survive and grow. All plant tissues are comprised primarily of [...]

Top 5 Reasons To Put A Fountain In Your Garden

Top 5 Reasons To Put A Fountain In Your Garden 1. Fountains will attract natural wildlife and enhance your local ecosystem. Birds will visit, and dragonflies will frolic. 2. Tranquility. Imagine [...]

How to Keep Your Hummingbirds Healthy and Happy

You have done your research and planted a garden full of hummingbird attracting plants such as bee balm and salvia and any other red, purple or pink elongated tube shaped [...]

Nine Essential Tools For The New Gardener

With so many of us staying home this spring and with the prospect of a long summer at home ahead of us, there are many inexperienced and novice gardeners embarking [...]

Homework Helps

By Wayne Mezitt I’ve been rather surprised this “unusual” spring how well-prepared our customers seem to be when they come to visit our garden centers. Perhaps thanks to their enforced [...]

Our Backyard Orchard

By Wayne Mezitt It was summer 1969 when my wife Beth and I, with our two babies, moved into the home built by my grandparents where we now live. I [...]

A Horticultural Perspective

By Wayne Mezitt Most of us have now been confined to our homes far too long, forced to draw upon our personal-creativity resources to keep from being bored, with excessive [...]


Those items are then placed on a cart and a call placed to customers' cell phones for credit card info, the order is rung up at the register, and purchases [...]

Pests in the Garden

Last season my vegetable garden had produced such a bountiful harvest!  With the warm early start to spring, I was able to get a boost on planting in March which [...]

Vegetable Gardening

Regardless of where you live, what you grow, and how you garden, these rules apply to all gardens equally. These are some of the basic rules of growing vegetables. First, [...]


Imagine hanging a beautiful painting or portrait on your wall without a frame around it.  Would it stand out or just be part of the wall?  The frame refines the [...]

Spring Is Here

Many plants go into winter hibernation, shutting down all their systems temporarily, waiting for the soil temperature to warm up their roots.  Because of the mild temperatures this winter it [...]

You Don’t Have To Have A Green Thumb

I hear all the time in the Garden Center customers stating “I have a Brown Thumb and can’t grow anything”.  The message I convey to our customers is there are [...]

Gardening Becomes Therapy

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Dig. Plant. Breathe. As spring’s arrival in the Northern Hemisphere coincides with government stay-at-home orders, the itch to get outside has turned backyard gardens into a getaway [...]

Nature’s Inspirations

Being confined to home these past weeks has created an opportunity to put my thoughts about society in general, and horticulture in particular, into perspective. So much of our normal [...]

Sowing The Seeds Of Healthy Eating

If you have trouble persuading your children to eat their greens, give them a trowel and send them out into the garden. Researchers have found that children who learn to [...]

Ubiquitous—and that’s a good thing!

By Wayne Mezitt Every April, just as Spring’s embrace envelops our senses, these bright lavender-pink shrubs open their blooms, enlivening so many front yards, seemingly along every street. Their dazzling [...]

Plant a Victory Garden

Forced to shelter in place, most of us are coming down with a bad case of cabin fever. Instead of worrying about the future and whether that scratchy throat you [...]

How to Plant Fruit Trees

Co-authored by Andrew Carberry, MPH Fruit trees are surprisingly easy to grow in a backyard setting, and they yield years' worth of beautiful spring blooms and plentiful fruit. Apple, peach, [...]

Reasons To Apply Mulch

Imagine hanging a beautiful painting or portrait on your wall without a frame around it.  Would it stand out or just be part of the wall?  The frame refines the [...]

Science for Kids: Observing Plant Growth Using Bulbs

One of our favorite science activities for kids is observing plant growth. In this science experiment for kids, children will be forcing bulbs into bloom and observing the changes that [...]

Kids Gardening Projects

Fun activities that provide opportunities for families or informal groups to learn together, while encouraging love for nature and the environment. KidsGardening.org has a great site full of fun gardening [...]

Berry Delicious

By Stacy Brewer, ParentMap.com It doesn’t really feel like summer until you’ve spent a warm morning in a u-pick field filling your belly and a bucket with ripe berries. But [...]

Bulb Basics

By Barbara Whitaker, NYTimes.com In the last 11 years Judy Glattstein has planted more than 40,000 spring-flowering bulbs on her 9-acre property in Frenchtown, N.J., near the Delaware River. “Bulbs [...]

Starting an Orchard

Apples, Cherries, Peaches, Plums and Pears Learn where to plant your fruit trees, how to prune them, harvesting techniques and more. By Richard Langer, MotherEarthNews.com Special Note: All material here [...]

Pea: Sow and Grow Guide

You won't have to trick anyone into eating their veggies with homegrown peas. Sweet and tender, they are perfect fresh from the garden or cooked into a multitude of dishes. [...]

7 Benefits of Gardening

Feeling stress or anxious? Try getting a little dirt under your nails. BY CAROLINE PICARD AND AMANDA HAWKINS Gardening isn't just about making your house look good (although a little [...]

Master Gardener: Meet The Lovely Hellebore

By Kim Woodford WSU Master Gardener The first time I met a hellebore, I was going to the Seattle Center. Having parked in the garage opposite the center, I walked [...]

Hydrangeas Demystified

Hydrangea macrophylla, or Mophead Hydrangea, are the stalwart showstoppers of the summer garden. Nowadays you’ll find them in pink, blue, white, lavender, and even lime green! One of our favorites is [...]

Grow a Living Playhouse For Your Kids

In recent years, there has been a growing disconnect between children and their food. Most kids have never set foot on a farm or in an orchard, only ever seeing [...]

How To Install A Granite Post For a Mailbox or Lighting

From Polyor.com By Steven Schrenk If your next project includes installing granite posts for lighting or a mailbox, you’ve picked a quick project that will add instant curb appeal. Before [...]

Houseplants 101: How to Propagate Plants

By Kier Holmes, Gardenista.com As a garden designer who also loves making homemade gifts, I often propagate my houseplants. Giving away or swapping the plant babies is a rewarding project—and [...]

Five Reasons You Need A Terrarium

By Lucy Cohen Blatter, www.brickunderground.com Not everyone has the space—nor the time or the dedication—to keep 500 plants alive in their apartment. Some of us limit ourselves to one or [...]

Winter Products

Meltco Premium Eco-Friendly Bagged Ice Melt Ames/Union Tools 18” Snow Shovel Ames/Union Tools 24” Snow Pusher Bellingham Gloves Wonder Grip Winter Gloves Bellingham Gloves Snow Blower Winter Gloves Bobbex Winter Formula [...]

Valentine’s Day Specials

Give Living Gifts For Valentine's Day! If you want to get your Valentine something truly special this year, buy them the gift of nature. We have colorful dish gardens, flowering [...]

29 Best Air Purifying Plants

29 Best Air Purifying Plants In 1989, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in collaboration with Associated Landscape Contractors of America (ALCA) carried out Clean Air Study and published results [...]

Mid-Winter Witch-Hazel

By R. Wayne Mezitt These January temperatures we’re now seeing are among the warmest on record for this region. During these last days of the month, our ground remains unfrozen [...]

Moth Orchids Are Easiest To Grow

By Alma Gaul QCTimes.com Orchid flowers are unrivaled in the plant world for their beauty, complexity and incredible diversity. Because of their amazing ability to adapt to their given environment, [...]

Bird Feeding Tips

Lyric Wild Bird Food has a great page full of bird feeding tips. Topics include everything from the various types of nuts and seeds that birds love to how to [...]

10 Best Low-Light Houseplants

By Karen Weir-Jimerson- CostaFarms.com If your home or office is short on light, enjoying houseplants might seem an impossible option. Not so! There are many plants that thrive happily in [...]

One Stop Christmas List Shop!

Need a gift for a teacher, a friend or a picky family member? We have everything from plush stuffed toys, to snow globes, birding supplies, succulents, planters, gift cards, ornaments, gloves, [...]

It’s Christmas Tree & Wreath Time at Weston!

We have fresh cut Fraser Firs from 4 feet to 10 feet in both of our stores along with the most beautiful, fresh Balsam fir wreaths! If you want the [...]

This Is Why Poinsettias Are the Official Christmas Flower

By Claire Nowak, Readers Digest There’s no denying that poinsettias make bright, festive decorations during winter months. But they’re native to Central America, particularly southern Mexico, and they’re actually colorful [...]

Somerville Holiday Tree Sale

Our sale has ended. See you next year! « Fenway Holiday Tree Sale | This Is Why Poinsettias Are the Official Christmas Flower »

Fenway Holiday Tree Sale

Our sale has ended. See you next year! « John Trexler 1951-2019 | Somerville Holiday Tree Sale »

John Trexler 1951-2019

One of the most influential individuals in this region departed from the horticultural world last Saturday. John Trexler was the Founding Executive Director of Worcester Horticultural Society’s Tower Hill Botanic [...]

Fall Garden Maintenance

Last week’s hard freeze decisively ended this year’s growing season. That’s particularly evident in my vegetable and herb gardens. So this is the right time, and here’s what I’m doing [...]

Raking Leaves

Last week’s frosty temperatures and windy conditions certainly brought down a lot of leaves. If we leave them to overwinter on the lawn, fallen leaves can cause problems as they [...]

Truly-Hardy Garden Mums

Since late August we’ve all been seeing those so-called “hardy” chrysanthemums offered everywhere for sale, a ubiquitous indication that autumn will soon be following. These mums come in a very [...]

Save Your Yard From Furry Marauders

As most gardeners learn, one person’s flower fantasy can be a free feast to some furry fiend. Animal pest problems occur in all seasons of the garden, but fall and [...]

Why Can’t I Buy Burning Bush?

One of the most strikingly-colorful plants during autumn in this region’s gardens is burning bush (Euonymus alatus). Unfortunately, burning bush (including its cultivars) is now classified as an invasive species, [...]

Some Maples Are More Desirable Than Others

By LEE REICH Associated Press It’s not easy to figure out which maples you want on your property. The good ones are the sugar maples, their leaves ablaze each fall [...]

Black Walnut—A Unique Tree

Each October black walnut’s distinctive fruit drops to the ground, ripe for harvest by me or the squirrels; even trees only ten years old can begin producing nuts. As the [...]

Cambridge Pavestones and Wallstones

Weston Nurseries is proud to be an authorized dealer for Cambridge Pavestones and Wallstones. Cambridge Pavers is a premier American & family-owned manufacturer of pavingstones, wallstones & outdoor living products. [...]

Composting Craftsman’s Journey

Starting at the beginning is the only way to explain how the compost we produce is so good. My compost career began here at Weston Nurseries back in February of [...]

Fall is the time to think spring color!

As the days are getting colder and shorter most people don’t think about spring, but now is the time to plant spring bulbs. Tulips are a spring favorite but there [...]

Using Compost In The Fall

Just like the squirrels are preparing for winter by storing nuts, so should we be feeding the soil for spring.  Fall is a great time to condition your soil in [...]

Greenview Can Make Your Lawn The Envy Of Your Neighbors

As the weather turns to autumn with cooler nights and shorter days, conditions are favorable for plant growth and recovery.  We need to be ready to take advantage of these [...]

The Jimmy Fund

Weston Nurseries is proud to support The Jimmy Fund in their fundraising efforts again this year. We will have different fundraising events and activities that will support our Jimmy Fund [...]

Picture this!

Taking photographs these days is so much easier than it was only a decade ago—simply point your phone and press the button. And if it doesn’t look right, simply do [...]

Your Dormant-Lawn “Badge of Honor”

By R. Wayne Mezitt Savvy homeowners can be justly proud of their dormant lawn. This summer’s record-setting drought is forcing many towns and municipalities to impose strict outdoor-water-usage restrictions. And [...]

Fall Lawn Care 101

Starting a Lawn by Seed Preparation and Installation Measure off the area and figure the square footage (length x width). OPTIONAL STEP: Kill weeds and grass with a nonselective herbicide [...]

Spectacular Red Maple – Acer rubrum

For many New Englanders, autumn is a favorite season—and that’s no wonder, considering the spectacular spectacle offered by our region’s legendary fall color. Red (or Swamp) Maple (Acer rubrum) is [...]

Controlling Poison Ivy

It seems to me that poison ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) has become a much bigger problem in my garden over the last several years, and this year it seems especially robust. [...]

Clethra, our favorite native shrub

Among my favorite summer pleasures, golfing, bicycling or walking in the woods, is experiencing the heady, honey-peppery perfume of Clethra alnifolia, commonly and aptly known as sweet pepperbush or summersweet. [...]

Pickles & Pesto: How to Make Yummy Summer Recipes from your Garden

Summertime is the perfect time to makes pickles and pesto, helping use up all the cucumbers and basil your garden should be producing now. Plus, we thought you might like [...]

Bushel & Berry Fruit Trees

The Bushel and Berry Collection is changing the way we think about soft fruit. These compact plants, ideal for containers, are breathtakingly beautiful and produce amazing edible fruit. They also make an [...]

Summer Blooming Perennials

As the dog days of summer arrive, many of the perennials in our gardens can look colorless and worn out.  But many types of perennials can rebloom, and with a [...]

Sustainable Practices

Ten Ways to Be A Sustainable Gardener Composting has the greatest sustainable impact by allowing you to reduce your waste and reuse it for your garden’s benefit! Gather organic food [...]

Paul Rogers 1929-2019

I’m sadly reporting that Paul Rogers, a fellow nurseryman and longtime colleague, passed away Sunday, July 20, 2019. Paul was so well known and respected in this region, always willing [...]

Enhancing Your Yard With Hardscapes

When we get those perfect New England summer days, we can’t let them go to waste! We want to spend time outside with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine, a [...]

Why Your Hydrangea Isn’t Blooming

Hydrangea macrophylla, or Mophead Hydrangea, are the stalwart showstoppers of the summer garden. Nowadays you'll find them in pink, blue, white, lavender, and even lime green! One of our favorites is [...]

Dog Days At Weston Nurseries

Weston Nurseries is excited to host “Dog Days at Weston!” Starting THIS July, we will have Dog Day (socials/meet-ups/parties/events) the last Saturday of every month (July through November) in Chelmsford [...]

Top Ten Dog Friendly Houseplants

Houseplants offer many benefits to our homes, such as purifying air and bringing greenery inside. However, many might not know that some houseplants can be toxic to our best friends. [...]

Planting Trees Can Save Our Planet

Growing up in a nursery family, I instinctively appreciated the importance of trees, shrubs and plants—for us they were always a normal element on our daily lives. Back then we [...]

Helping the Earth: Our Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices We can all contribute positively to our community and our environment by consciously choosing products and practices that encourage clean air and a productive ecosystem. Weston Nurseries values [...]

A tree would look terrific right over there!

While the weather this spring may have been less than desirable for those of us who prefer hot and dry conditions, it couldn’t be better for all the plants in [...]

Busting the Summer Planting Myth

by Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries “I shouldn’t plant this in summer, right?” “I’m not sure I can plant these before the summer.” From time to time the [...]

Top 10 Gardening Mistakes to Avoid in Summer

1. Mowing the lawn too short (< 2.5”) or letting it get excessively long (>3.5”) 2. Applying herbicides and insecticides when air temperatures exceed 90 degrees F., especially any petroleum [...]

Summer Is A Great Time To Add Plants To Your Garden

With the Summer Solstice, the longest days of the year are with us, and living outdoors is such a pleasure. Summer is also a great time to add the right [...]

Summer & Water

By Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. Summer is here.  We have started the classic New England pattern of active cold fronts coming through our region and encountering moist air that has heated [...]

Water Wisdom: Watering Plants The Right Way

By Annie Stuart, Weston Nurseries Staff  We spend a lot of time watering our plants here at Weston Nurseries, so you could say that we know a thing or two [...]

Your Own Pollinator Garden

I find it very gratifying that the issue of pollinators has so effectively caught the attention of the public. Decade after decade, dedicated members of our nursery industry have searched, [...]


On the north side of Weston Nurseries Bulk Yard two and half years ago my coworker Roberto and I were weeding around trees when I noticed granular piles of soil. [...]

Essential Summer Lawn Care Tips

1.  Mow your lawn regularly, even when it's hot outside. Adjust your mower blades to a heightsomewhere between 3-4, which is the sweet spot for cultivating a nice swath of emerald turf. Mow [...]

Season-Extending Plants

Whenever I choose which plants to add to the various gardens around my home, I make a practice of considering more than just the current season. Garden centers report that [...]

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Plant a tree with Dad! Bring home a potted fruit tree or a flowering ornamental like Dogwood and spend some time in the yard planting it together. Or make it easy [...]

Butterflies: The Pretty Pollinators

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” – Rabindranath Tagore With bees on the decline, we need to look to other beneficial insects to flutter in [...]

True Geraniums

By R. Wayne Mezitt The cold-hardy landscape geraniums (called “cranesbill” for the shape of their seedpods) are much different from those tender Pelargonium orange, red or white flowered summer-bedding/potted-plants we [...]

Season-Extending Plants

Whenever I choose which plants to add to the various gardens around my home, I make a practice of considering more than just the current season. Garden centers report that [...]

Butterflies: The Pretty Pollinators

“The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.” – Rabindranath Tagore With bees on the decline, we need to look to other beneficial insects to flutter in [...]

Lawn And Garden To Do List For June

June is the ideal time to manage many gardening maintenance tasks: the weather’s not as oppressive as midsummer, plants are in full growth having recovered from winter’s challenges, and a [...]

Rose Care 101

Care and selection guidelines Roses are one of the most recognized plants in the garden. Roses have been around for a very long time and are very easy to grow [...]

Landscaping with Edibles?

Back in our grandparents’ day, a home garden growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits was commonly part of family life. But over the last several decades, our lives have become so [...]

Flowering Dogwood: The Essence of Spring

On occasional mornings this time of year, I awaken recalling a disturbing dream in which I’ve ventured outdoors, stunned to see that I’ve missed the flowering-dogwood-bloom. In reality that’s an [...]

Everything In Its Place

This is an excerpt from “Everything in Its Place,” a posthumous collection of writings by Dr. Oliver Sacks. Dr. Sacks was a neurologist and author of many books. This is [...]

Making Your Yard Beautiful Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Our knowledgeable and professional staff are here to help you find the perfect trees, plants and shrubs for your landscaping. If you visit us with pictures of your yard and [...]

Extended Spring Pleasures

When we departed for a 12-day trip to view gardens in England on April 23, I was concerned that we would be away and miss seeing the peak of early-spring [...]

The “Early Rhododendrons” Are Blooming!

Back in the 1940’s my dad Ed Mezitt had a dream—offering a better selection of early-flowering plants well-adapted to tolerate this region’s weather extremes. His first hybridizing attempt turned out [...]

May Gardening To Do List

It's prime time for planting trees, shrubs, and perennials. Stock availability is at its peak in garden centers. Don’t forget to use soil amendments (compost, humus, peat) as needed to [...]

Winter Burn

Winter weather this past season had its ups and downs and now many plants are showing signs of leaf only or leaf and stem desiccation, also called Winter Burn.  Broadleaf [...]

Organic lawn care – it really does matter!

A frequent question we get here at the garden center is can the average homeowner maintain a high quality lawn using strictly the “organic” method? Absolutely! In fact, the 4 - [...]

Why Weston’s Bulk Materials Yard Is So Special

The most important thing that separates Weston’s Bulk Material Yard from our competitors is that we are primarily a Recycling Yard. We carry ¾" stone and concrete sand purely for [...]

True confessions – I still love my lawn!

As hard as it is to admit publicly, I have always been wildly attracted to turf.  Wide swaths of finely manicured, un-natural, high maintenance turf grass. Who can resist the [...]

Unique Early-Spring Flowers

Daphne mezereum Beckoning the transition from late winter into early spring are a number of exquisite, rarely-seen flowering plants, typically limited to the gardens of seasoned gardeners and avid horticulturists. [...]

Spring Lawn Care 101

Lawns tend to play a supporting role in our outdoor spaces, framing the big showstoppers like blooming trees and colorful flowers. But turf is still an important part of a [...]

Plant a Tree for Arbor Day

Arbor Day Is Friday, April 26 2019 “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – African Proverb Every year as the [...]

The Rhododendron ‘PJM’

Few April sights reenergize our winter-worn malaise so effectively as those brilliant lavender-pink splashes that proclaim SPRING HAS ARRIVED across so many parts of our region. “New England’s most familiar [...]

Spring’s Sequential Spectacular

Our lawns are greening-up, daffodils are lifting their nodding heads, crocuses are attracting pollinators and the garden is again luring us outdoors to revel in its annual resurrection. Accelerating day [...]

Spring Lawn Care Guidelines

Starting a Lawn by Seed Preparation and Installation Measure off the area and figure the square footage (length x width). If the area needs complete renovation, kill weeds and grass [...]

Phytophthora Dieback

Our staff at Weston Nurseries is getting a lot of inquiries on rhododendron issues this spring. Our first reaction for this time of the year would normally be “winter burn”. However, [...]

Early Spring’s Flower-Parade Continues!

Another week advances the season toward springtime, and the “second battalion” of the annual flowering-parade is appearing. Each day’s increasing sunlight charms the buds of the earliest forsythia cultivars to [...]

Spring’s Flowering Parade Begins!

It was those two days last week, when most of our snow-cover virtually vanished, that suddenly opened up all of spring’s colorful possibilities! Snowdrops lustily emerge as the sun warms [...]

Starting Seeds Indoors

1. Fresh is best.  Always start with fresh, high quality seeds. We carry Botanical Interests seeds, which are non-GMO and include Heirloom and Organic varieties. 2. Plastic is fantastic.  You [...]

Marvelous Microgreens

If you've ever fancied yourself a farmer, you'll find that microgreens are an easy and satisfying way to grow your own fresh food, even during the doldrums of winter. Microgreens are [...]

How to Force Bulbs Indoors

Photo: nj.com Do you have bulbs leftover from this fall, or ones you forgot to plant outside this year (oops!)? Bring a little bloom into your home this winter! Most [...]

Try *Living* this Christmas

Most people think of only two choices for a Christmas tree – real, freshly-cut (often called a “live” tree), or artificial (“permanent”). Each type offers advantages depending upon personal preferences: [...]

Real Christmas Trees are Farm-Grown!

We love this video produced by tree farmers, explaining all the benefits of choosing a REAL Christmas tree this holiday season! « Protect Your Plants from Wildlife & Weather | [...]

Protect Your Plants from Wildlife & Weather

New Englanders are familiar with the extremes of winter weather- it's in our very nature to persevere. As stewards of our landscape it's important not to forget the plants in [...]


Despite the widely held belief that the gardening season ends with the first frost and leaf drop, many important yard chores remain as we head towards the middle of November. [...]

Protect Your Garden from Winter Damage

By R. Wayne Mezitt In this region most winter damage on landscape trees and shrubs results from two major factors: dehydration and physical trauma. Now that winter weather has set-in, [...]

Why Lime?

It's Lime Time .... no, we don't mean fruity limes. We're talking about lime for your lawn! Lime is a valuable soil amendment that helps plants and lawns flourish by [...]

Fall Lawn Care Guidelines

Starting a Lawn by Seed Preparation and Installation Measure off the area and figure the square footage (length x width). OPTIONAL STEP: Kill weeds and grass with a nonselective herbicide [...]

Don Harbison’s Plant Photos

Don Harbison - Photographer Don is a local fine art photographer who works in our Chelmsford Garden Center. When he's not talking to people about plants, he turns his creative [...]


By R. Wayne Mezitt Among my favorite summer pleasures, golfing, bicycling or walking in the woods, is experiencing the heady, honey-peppery perfume of Clethra alnifolia, commonly and aptly known as [...]

Keep Your Plants Happy While You’re Away

You definitely deserve a vacation. If you're planning a trip this summer be sure not to forget your plants! Houseplants and flowerpots need regular watering especially in hot weather, and [...]

Create An Educational Garden

By R. Wayne Mezitt We’re all becoming increasingly aware that we need to find ways to reconnect with the natural world. Understanding and appreciating nature helps ensure that future generations [...]

Composting Basics

“Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.”– Antoine Lavoisier Whether you buy it bagged, have it delivered in bulk, or make your own, compost is one of the simplest and most cost-efficient [...]

Plants for Hummingbirds

“The daily hummingbird assaults existence with improbability.” – Ursula K. Le Guin Not only captivating to look at, hummingbirds have been a favorite of gardeners for centuries for their helpful [...]

Beneficial Insects

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were big things.” – Robert Brault Most gardeners have become at least a little familiar with some [...]

Hibiscus Plant Care

“When words escape, flowers speak.” – Bruce W. Currie You aren’t alone if this winter has left you dreaming of a tropical, sun-soaked getaway. Running away to an island to forget [...]

Gifts for Garden Moms

“Mothers are flowers in the garden of life.” Whether Mom is a master gardener or simply has a penchant for pretty flowers, we have plenty of inspiring garden gifts that [...]

Lilacs For Your Yard

By R. Wayne Mezitt Among the most familiar and most admired of New England’s spring flowering shrubs are the Lilacs (Syringa). Early Colonial settlers even prior to the 1700’s began [...]

Best Plants for Mom

“In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own.” – Alice Walker Blooming Gifts for Mom This Spring, as we start to get busy in our gardens once again, [...]

Planting Success Kit

When planting trees, shrubs, or perennials, we recommend adding a Planting Mix and a Starter Fertilizer to the soil. Pick ONE of these: Planting mixes amend the soil to improve [...]

How to Plant a Tree (for Arbor Day)

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” – African Proverb Every year as the snow melts and the ground thaws, the [...]

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Not much can beat the taste of homegrown fruit and vegetables plucked fresh from the garden - you can practically taste the sunshine in every bite! Growing your own vegetables [...]

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

Take a look at your backyard. How much of the space is lawn, and how much is flower beds, trees, and shrubs? Our gardens reward us so much that sometimes [...]

Early Spring Lawn Care

Take a look at your backyard. How much of the space is lawn, and how much is flower beds, trees, and shrubs? Our gardens reward us so much that sometimes [...]

Houseplant Basics, from Beginner to Expert

Houseplants have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, and for good reason. There are many varieties of exotic plants that thrive in our temperature-controlled homes. We [...]

Soil Health (The Difference Between Dirt and Soil)

Dirt or Soil? The essential rule is to replicate the habitat the plant is naturally adapted to, and you’ll have healthy plants without any hassle. Your houseplants may hail from [...]

Repairing Winter-Damaged Plants

These past few weeks have been a trial of extreme weather here in New England, causing extensive damage to many trees and shrubs. We still have some time to go [...]

Basic Planning for your Garden

By R. Wayne Mezitt  Planning a garden around your home can seem like a daunting, overwhelming undertaking — so many choices, so much investment, so little understanding about what plants [...]

Cold Hardiness

By R. Wayne Mezitt Surprising as it may seem, the recent period of extended cold temperatures we’ve been through may actually be beneficial for our full enjoyment of flowers next [...]

Kokedama: The Art of Japanese Moss Gardens

Part living sculpture and part houseplant, Kokedama have enjoyed a surge in popularity in recent months. Kokedama literally means "moss ball" in Japanese, and are occasionally called "poor man's bonsai" [...]

Brown Fall Foliage

By R. Wayne Mezitt Every autumn we New Englanders enthusiastically look forward to bragging about our spectacular fall foliage. But this year has turned out to be a big disappointment. [...]

Real or Plastic Christmas Tree?

By R. Wayne Mezitt Looking at the wide variety of the artificial Christmas trees now being sold at Big-Box stores, it can be hard to tell they’re not real—at least [...]

Burning Bush

Wikipedia / Mykola Swarnyk By R. Wayne Mezitt As early as mid-October and continuing through much of November, it’s ubiquitous throughout the northeastern USA. This time of year we can’t [...]

Five Essential Garden Tasks for November

You know you want to jump in. 1. Get your shed in shape Take the opportunity during the winter to repair, sharpen, and oil your tools so they’ll be ready [...]

New Year’s Sensory Garden

Dank and dreary, dark and dismal. Those are typical terms we New Englanders use to describe January’s lackluster landscape. Monochromatic tones of olive-green, brown and grey evoke a faded, sepia-like [...]

Repel Deer with Milorganite

WHAT DO DEER, MILWAUKEE, AND OLD SOCKS HAVE IN COMMON? MILORGANITE, that's what! The production of Milorganite is one of the nation’s oldest recycling efforts. Since 1926 (just a few [...]


]Mycorrhizae are symbiotic relationships between beneficial soil fungi and the roots of a plant. The fungus colonizes the root system and helps it find nutrients, protects it from pathogens, and [...]

Black Walnut

By R. Wayne Mezitt Intrigued by learning about the potential value of its timber, I first began growing Eastern black walnut (Juglans nigra) in my yard more than 50 years [...]

Compost is the right thing to use!

By Peter Mezitt, MCH If you want to “go green” in your garden, compost is one of the best things you can use! Compost builds healthy soils, and healthy soils [...]

Fall Lawn Care

As the weather turns to Autumn with cooler nights and shorter days, conditions turn favorable for plant growth and recovery.  We need to be ready to take advantage of these [...]

Autumn Color in Your Yard

Most any New Englander will confirm that one of autumn’s favorite tourist activities in this region is the so-called “Fall Foliage Extravaganza”. This annual September to November progression of nature’s [...]

Dig. Drop. Done!

The following article is from the DDD Foundation. For more great inspiration on planting bulbs, visit their website. Fall Has Arrived But Spring Is Already in Our Sight It’s a [...]

Fall Fertilization

By John Moretti, MCH A frequently asked question is whether woody plants need to be on a regular fertilization program in order to do well. If plants in nature do [...]

Trees & Shrubs for Pollinators

By R. Wayne Mezitt I’m gratified and quite taken that the issue of pollinators has recently so effectively caught the attention of the public. Decade after decade, dedicated members of [...]

What is Wet and Dry and Almost Over?  SUMMER 2017!

By Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. For much of this season, and even now, we on the Plant Health Desk have fielded calls and visits from customers concerned about leaf spotting, powdery [...]

Here’s Why Late Summer is the BEST Time to Start Your New Lawn

By Jim Connolly Most people might think of Spring as the best time to start a new lawn, but the truth is that late Summer and early Fall are far better [...]

The Container Garden Comeback

In 18th & 19th Century France, Parisians were well known for keeping compact gardens on their doorsteps, balconies, rooftops, and even windowsills. These “Potager”, also known as kitchen gardens, were [...]

Control Your Bamboo

By Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. At Weston Nurseries we carry from time to time two types of bamboo plants:  clumping bamboo, and running bamboo.  The clumping genus that is hardy to [...]

Trees, Japanese Beetles, and Fruit

Photo: Flickr / Benny Mazur By Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. In much of eastern and central Massachusetts we have grown used to fighting in the spring against tree defoliation by winter [...]

Goldenrods on Display!

Photo: Flickr / F.D. Richards By R. Wayne Mezitt Starting in August and continuing well into autumn, it’s hard to miss the ubiquitous sprays of yellow on roadsides, meadows and [...]

Composting at Home

Composting is one of the simplest, most effective, economical and environmentally appropriate forms of recycling that every homeowner can use.  Composting can significantly reduce landfill use, converting a substantial portion [...]

The Rise of Cedar-Quince Rust

Photo: Flickr / klm185 By Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. Here at Weston Nurseries we're often brought strange and interesting specimens and rare plant diseases to diagnose. For the first time in [...]

Thriving Rhododendrons

By R. Wayne Mezitt Rhododendrons are such a significant component in many of this region’s gardens, and you likely have some in your yard. Can you recall such a spectacular […]

Japanese Stewartia

Once the Stewartia in my front yard starts to bloom in late June, I know summer has truly begun. A Cary Award winning tree, it is a reliable performer in [...]

Barb’s Beautiful Bees

By Barbara Stafinki, MCH, Weston Nurseries of Hopkinton This is such an exciting time of year to have honeybees! Both of my beloved hives have made it through the winter [...]

Magnificent Rhododendrons!

Rhododendron catawbiense 'Album' By R. Wayne Mezitt, WN Chairman It has been many years since we’ve seen such superb, extended bloom on so many plants, particularly this week’s rhododendrons! An [...]

Create a Hummingbird Habitat

Ruby throated-Hummingbird. The arrival of June means it's time for bright blooms, sunny days, and the return of the most diminutive of our feathered friends, the Hummingbird! Here's some helpful [...]

Now in Bloom: Large Specimen Azaleas

For a limited time only, we are presenting large specimen Azaleas from our test gardens. Each plant is 12-15 years old and has been hand-dug from the private hillside gardens [...]

Want A Mature Lawn In Just Weeks?  Yes You MAY!!!

By Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. May is a great time to create or renovate a lawn.  Our lawn grasses in New England are cool-weather growers.  They germinate well in the late [...]

Small gardens are huge!

If your backyard is more like a parcel than an estate, you can still create an incredible outdoor oasis even in a small space. Tiny gardens are a BIG trend! Whether [...]

Pollinator Plants for the Earth

Photo by Jim Hudgins/USFWS By R. Wayne Mezitt I have a difficult time getting my arms around big concepts like “doing the right thing for the environment”. We all know [...]

The Caterpillars are Coming!

It's time for battle! Winter Moth and Gypsy Moth are invasive species that will decimate foliage, and in recent years their number and destructiveness have been on the rise. Apple, [...]

Anticipating Spring’s Arrival

The arrival of March, escorting-in nature’s earliest “spring welcomers”, always inspires my enthusiasm for the imminent milder weather. My cornelian cherry (Cornus mas, a Cary Award winner) is already fully [...]

Leaf Scorch

Jeff Meola, MCH, ISA Certified Arborist I have been seeing a lot of photos of leaf scorch coming across my desk related to drought issues.  The common story is that the [...]

Rain Update: There was no rain!

Oh, so you thought you were going to sleep in Saturday morning and lay low in the blistering heat this weekend? NOPE! As you can see from the pale blue [...]

Moths everywhere!

Looking out your window these past few hot July days, you may have noticed an abundance of moths fluttering in the air. These are male adult gypsy moths, who busily munching away [...]

Rain Update: water your plants today!

It's no secret that gardeners love rain, because it means a little less work and worry over our plants. This morning we had a nice rain shower and all of us [...]

Revisionist Garden History

 By Kathy Bergmann, Weston Nurseries Staff I’ve lived for the last thirty-four years in a farmhouse built in 1730.  If you’re thinking huge copper beeches or a sugar maple for [...]

Ode to the Tuliptree

By Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. How do I love Liriodendron tulipifera, commonly known as the tuliptree?  Let me count the ways: A tuliptree is a great shade tree, tall, broad, and [...]

A Strange Spring

By Kathy Bergmann, Weston Nurseries Staff Plants are like people - they are easily fooled by unseasonably warm weather, and we certainly had a lot of that at the end [...]

What’s An Azalea?

A WORD ABOUT WESTON NURSERIES’ NEW WEB PLANT LIBRARY by Dirk Coburn, M.C.H. Weston Nurseries has a history of using the word “Azalea” as one uses the name of a [...]

Bring Life to Your Lawn & Your Soil this Spring

By Jim Connolly, MCH, MCLP One of the first passages of spring activities is getting out and accessing what we need to do to our lawns to get them back [...]

Beautiful Begonias

Known as the "Showboat" of houseplants by the American Begonia Society, Begonia rex has recently become en-vogue for its showy foliage and eclectic forms and varieties. Begonia rex does bear [...]


Dank and dreary, dark and dismal. Those are typical terms we New Englanders use to describe January’s lackluster landscape. Particularly in these snow-sparse years, monochromatic tones of olive-green, brown and [...]

Winter Hours

December 31 2015: 9am - 2pm January 1 2016: CLOSED FOR NEW YEAR'S DAY Hopkinton: Open Tuesdays - Sundays 9am-5pm; Closed Mondays Chelmsford: Closed for the season after December 31. See you [...]

A Mild December

It's Christmas Eve, and it's seventy degrees outside. For many people this break in the weather is a welcome reprieve from what the prospect of yet another long winter, especially considering [...]


You’ve probably noticed them around your porch light at night– swarms of grey-winged moths clinging to screens and siding on early winter evenings. These are adult Operophtera brumata, commonly known [...]

Thanksgiving Hours


Closing at 4PM on Nov 5th

Both of our locations will be closing early on November 5th for a company function. We'll be open at our usual time on November 6th. Thank you for your understanding! « [...]

The Watering Report: Once Is Not Enough!

By Dirk Coburn, MCH, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries It is as important as ever to water newly planted trees, shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers. The ground is dry deep enough [...]

Fall Lawn Care Checklist

Reduce mowing height to 3 inches, and and begin mulching and raking leaves as they fall. This helps to fortify the turf and prevents tufts and patches. As temperatures cool and growth [...]

The Ten Basics of Square Foot Gardening

1.  LAYOUT – We love squares and grids! With this method, you will arrange your garden in squares, not rows. 2.  BOXES – Square foot gardens are built in 4’x4’ [...]

Deep-Snow Winter Damage

Reportedly this has been the coldest and snowiest winter in many years. For our garden plants, one positive aspect of this extreme weather is that the amount and duration of [...]

Join the Weston Nurseries’ Team!

Join our team...why?? Our Reputation We provide only the highest quality plants & products. Our People We are committed to being green industry experts. Community Involvement Adamant about supporting community [...]

New Cary Award Winners for 2015

Does this sound familiar: “visiting my local garden center, I quickly become confused, and even feel helpless seeing the virtual avalanche of plant choices and brands presented for sale. I [...]

Salt vs. Plants

Slipping and falling on winter ice is no joke -- especially for bones aging as quickly as mine -- but what is a gardener to do when deicers can be [...]

Reliable River Birch

By R. Wayne Mezitt Winter solstice ushers-in the depths of New England’s dormant season with the year’s shortest days and a landscape obviously at rest. Viewed from afar, most gardens [...]

Japanese Umbrella Pine

By R. Wayne Mezitt When they first see it, some people think we’re showing them a plastic tree. Because the foliage of the Japanese Umbrella Pine is so thick and lustrous, [...]


By R. Wayne Mezitt Here’s a plant that’s ideally suited for some of the toughest landscapes conditions we encounter. Comptonia peregrina is a woody shrub native to all of USDA [...]

Japanese Knotweed—Really a Problem Invasive

By R. Wayne Mezitt Japanese bamboo, Mexican bamboo and Japanese fleece flower are other common names for Polygonum cuspidatum (it is called Fallopia japonica in Britain), widely considered one of [...]

Garden Variety: Steps for Lush, Green Grass

« GRUB CONTROL – ITS NOT TOO LATE | Japanese Knotweed—Really a Problem Invasive »


Late summer is the best time of year to combat the damage inflicted to turf roots by white grubs in the home lawn. Japanese beetles, rose chafers, and other tree [...]


The first day of autumn should serve as a reminder that we are not that far from fall leaf drop and the impending threat from our foliage starved four legged [...]

Garden Variety : Fall Color options

Peter Mezitt discusses fall color options with Fox News during our Garden Variety Show « WINTER RYE IS IN! | DEER DAMAGE ALERT »


With frost expected this week in many areas the vegetable growing season, sadly, is coming to an end. Once the garden is cleaned up and the debris composted, one more [...]

Condition Your Soil NOW for 2015!

By Dirk Coburn, MCH, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries If you are looking forward to significant landscaping projects in 2015, right now is a good time to make sure that [...]

Mulch Ado About Lawn Seeding and Winter Gardens

We gardeners mulch our garden beds in the summer to inhibit weed growth, to keep soil from drying out excessively between waterings, and to give our gardens a neat appearance. [...]

Hibiscus for Northern Gardens

Caribbean vacationers returning to harsher climates fondly recall those spectacular Hibiscus flowers that are ubiquitous and bloom so profusely in the tropics. Of course those tender tropical beauties won’t survive [...]

Blue Satin Hibiscus

Blue Satin Hibiscus has a large, single, rich blue flower and is certain to draw attention to your home. It is my favorite of all hibiscus due to the strong [...]

Clethra, my favorite native shrub

Have you ever been driving with the car windows down in late summer when you notice a spicy fragrance wafting through the air?  That clove-like scent originates from Clethra alnifolia, [...]

Getting the most from summer blooming perennials

As the dog days of summer arrive, many of the perennials in our gardens can look colorless and worn out.  But many types of perennials can rebloom, and with a [...]

Summer’s Here And The Time Is Right…

New England was blessed with a good snowpack during the winter of 2013-14 and good groundwater in the spring, with spring rains frequently enough to maintain decent groundwater. Now summer [...]

Red Foliage Trees

Back in the 1960’s, just as I was beginning my career as a nurseryman, I recall the annual visits from Jacques Legendre and Bob Talley, owners of Gulf Stream Nursery. [...]

Gardening chores for June

Your lawn will benefit from a second application of fertilizer at this time. A typical “step 2” will also control broadleaf weeds. Try to complete all fertilizing before June 20 [...]

Fragrance is all around us

On Sunday, I took my dog on a long walk. The weather was beautiful and all the trees, shrubs and flowers are really starting to make each and every landscape [...]

What’s eating you?

We get a lot of calls in mid to late May on the Horticulture Desk from homeowners and others a bit alarmed to see anything from lots of holes in [...]

When planning a garden, do your homework

As a veteran nurseryman who appreciates how gardens affect real estate values, I’m pleased to be a part of this new section. Horticulture is my primary passion, and I’m our [...]

Is “do it yourself” organic lawn a viable option?

In the past few years organic lawn care has become a very hot topic. Garden centers have seen a dramatic increase in the number of homeowners interested in moving away [...]

Reasons to apply mulch

Imagine hanging a beautiful painting or portrait on your wall without a frame around it.  Would it stand out or just be part of the wall?  The frame refines the picture, bringing out all the colors and textures to the viewer’s eyes.  Mulch does the same for your landscape plantings.  Applying mulch around your plants also has many benefits besides the attractive color and smells.

Winter Plant Desiccation

This was a difficult winter for evergreen trees and shrubs due to long cold spells with high winds.  Your plants may have suffered desiccation damage, when the moisture is drawn [...]

Forsythia Heralds Spring’s Arrival

What homeowner doesn’t recognize Forsythia—that shockingly-bright beacon that bursts into bloom with those first mild temperatures every April!? Among the easiest plants to grow, Forsythia’s yellow, bell-like blooms are always [...]

Your Gardening Checklist – Early April

-Pot up Dahlia tubers and other summer blooming bulbs for an earlier and more impressive show of color late on in your garden. -Start seed for warm season vegetable crops [...]

Hellebores – Aristocrats of the Woodland Garden

As the days lengthen and winter begins to (begrudgingly this year) release its grip on us, our gardens start to slowly awaken and exhibit signs of life.  Among the vast [...]

The best early spring lawn care tip EVER!

As winter recedes and the front lawn starts to emerge from under its Arctic ice sheet, New Englanders can begin thinking about the joys of spring bulbs and fresh mown [...]

An Ounce of Prevention…Controlling Garden Pests

Have you looked up at the trees recently? The red maples flowers are swelling and the weeping willow stems are much brighter yellow. Soon all trees will be in full [...]

Slow-Growing Plants for Smaller Spaces

At our garden center many homeowners tell us they want trees and shrubs that grow quickly to create a mature effect in their yard. For the short-run, planting fast-growing trees [...]

Snow Mold and Voles

When the snow melts what will your lawn look like and what are you to do next? In the fall your lawn looked awesome before the winter cold temperatures and [...]

Winter Gardening?

At its current pace, MetroWest Boston is poised to set record snowfall amounts for the winter of 2013-2014. You don’t need a weatherman to know that low average temperatures and [...]

Versatile, Virtuous, Vigorous Vines

Does a section in your yard need greenery, but your space is so limited that you don’t even have room for a narrow planting? Do you have a disagreeable view [...]

Ills of Winter’s Chills

New Englanders are well acquainted with the difficulties in making it through our frigid winters unscathed. Woody Plants in your yard, especially newly planted ones, are also susceptible to many [...]

Narrow, Upright-growing Trees

So many of us have areas in our yards where a wide or large-growing tree is unfeasible because of the space it will take up as it matures, or how [...]

Christmas Tree Care

Caring For Your Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree When selecting a fresh-cut Christmas tree, make sure that: The tree is fresh and the needles are not falling off. The tree trunk is [...]

Tips for Planting in Late Fall

New Englanders have always known that fall is the best time of the year to be outdoors, whether it be for work or play. Gardeners understand that the fall offers [...]

November’s Colorful Foliage

With November upon us, the spectacular fall color of the swamp and sugar maples is but a memory. Because they dominate our natural landscape, we may be tempted to conclude [...]

Moles and Voles

Yesterday your lawn looked great, but today you woke up to a lawn with raised mounds and tunnels throughout.  The tunnels make mowing difficult and just won't go away.  You [...]

Autumn Olive – A Challenging Species!

Fall is “fruiting time” for many trees and shrubs in the landscape – crabapples, hollies, dogwoods, nut trees and viburnum, for example. But few plants produce fruit so profusely as [...]

Fall is for Planting

Notice how the days are getting shorter?  October is upon us and many customers ask me whether it is too late to install new plantings in their gardens.  The short [...]

Take the Lawn Care Quiz

            True or False? Take the Quiz to test your Lawn Care knowledge: Spring is the most important time of the year for lawn care. [...]

Our Favorite Customers

By Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries It’s like parenting.  Each customer is our favorite customer.  But we have a special affection in our hearts when we hear a [...]

Fountains Make a Big Splash in Your Garden

Ponce de Leon spent his life searching for the “fountain of youth.” Fortunately for us, we only have to search a local garden center to find that special fountain which [...]

Who Am I?

Ready for a challenge? If you think you know your plants, try this out: "I am probably the most commonly requested summer shrub, yet few people know much about my [...]

‘Tis the Season of Popillia japonica – Japanese Beetle

By Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries I recently ran into a neighbor who knows about my secret life as a horticultural specialist.  “Help!” she cried.  “Japanese beetles are [...]


Every year, those of us who love to garden with perennial flowers can’t wait to explore all of the new plants that have hit the market!  New colors, flower and [...]

The Truth About Golden Rod

By Eileen Johnson, Weston Nurseries Horticulturist Solidagos, more commonly known as goldenrods, are native perennials seen blooming abundantly in sunny meadows in late summer. But they are plagued with an [...]

Container “Soils”

When you grow plants in pots or other containers, you’ll need to use different soil components than for plants growing in the ground. Ordinary garden soil is rarely suitable for [...]

Q&A on Ornamental Grasses

By Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries, June 1, 2013 Q:        My ornamental grass is still brown.  When will it turn green? A:         Last year’s stalks will [...]

What Happened To Impatiens?

By Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries This year Weston Nurseries is carrying several flowering shade annuals including New Guinea Impatiens, Waxy Begonias, and others as alternatives to the [...]

3 Reasons to Mulch Your Vegetable Beds!

From Lucerne Farms Most gardeners mulch their perennial and flower beds, but when asked about their vegetables, say they leave the soil bare. Of all beds, the vegetable bed is [...]

Winter Moth Caterpillars Are Upon Us.

Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist, Weston Nurseries Winter Moth caterpillar is now found in much of southeastern New England, and is expected to expand its reach within the Northeast.  The young [...]

Proper Soil Preparation

Proper Soil Preparation Now that the warmer weather has arrived, chances are you’re anxious to get back into your yard and add new plants to your landscape. But no matter [...]

Don’t Confuse Me with Those Scientific Names!

At our garden center people often ask why we can’t simply use common names for the plants we sell -- those scientific botanical names seem so complicated to pronounce and [...]

Maintaining Ornamental Grasses

By R. Wayne Mezitt Every April, just as the garden is awakening, it’s time to pay attention to the ornamental grasses before they begin their imminent new growth. Ornamental grasses [...]

Cornus mas – the Cornelian Cherry

Every year those long-awaited first flowers of spring always arouse my senses and give birth to a primal appreciation of the renewal of life. And few trees or shrubs are [...]

What to do about Winter Moth Caterpillar

By Dirk Coburn, Horticultural Specialist at Weston Nurseries In southeastern New England we live increasingly with Winter Moth.  Winter Moth adults collect in late fall to early winter especially around [...]

First Flowers Every Spring

First Flowers Every Spring For New Englanders like me, these typical mid-winter weather conditions create a near-primal craving for spring – how much longer do we need to endure these [...]

Golden Threadleaf Falsecypress

The name of this plant is certainly a mouthful! But fortunately, it is an incredibly easy plant to grow with no complications. That’s the idea behind the Cary Award, New [...]

Winter’s Conifers

During New England's winters, the evergreen trees tend to be most prominent in the natural landscape and around our homes. Horticulturists refer to the needled (or narrow-leaf) evergreens like pine, [...]

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