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Our Warranty


We want your landscape to be a success, and we stand behind the excellent quality of our plants with a One-Year Warranty.

Most problems with newly planted plants arise within 120 days of planting. It is your responsibility to follow our Planting and Watering Guidelines and to contact us at the first sign of trouble so that we have the opportunity to discuss adjusted care methods that can save your plant. Failure to contact us in a timely fashion may void your warranty.  You must give your plant adequate opportunity to break winter dormancy; Weston Nurseries reserves the right to require that a plant be cared for until June 15 before a final determination is made.

The Retail Plants Warranty compensates you for covered plant failures for one year from date of purchase or from date of installation by the Nursery. Provided that your order is paid in full with a valid receipt you will receive a merchandise credit card or other credit, equal to your paid purchase price excluding labor or delivery fees. Replacement plants are eligible without charge for the same service (delivery or installation) that was purchased and provided for the original plant.

Scheduling for free installation or delivery of replacement plants will be at Weston Nurseries’ sole discretion.  Installation or delivery fees will not be credited or refunded.

Excluded from this Retail Plants Warranty are:

  • Plants that may have suffered in appearance but are capable of recovering with proper care.
  • Herbaceous perennials, roses, sub-shrubs (Buddleia, Calluna, Caryopteris, Cytisus, Erica, Hypericum), sod, annuals, vegetables, houseplants, live Christmas trees, and plants planted in containers such as window boxes, planters, etc.
  • Plants damaged by conditions beyond our control such as improper or delayed planting, insufficient care, extreme weather, insects, disease, animals, mechanical injury, winter damage, etc.
  • Plants designated and labeled as Not Warrantied.
  • Plants purchased at Clearance, Pallet, Tent, or Final Sale prices.
  • Plants purchased with a warranty credit or warranty merchandise credit.
  • Plants for which you do not have a valid Weston Nurseries receipt.
  • Plants growing on your property that have been transplanted by Weston Nurseries.
  • Plants that skip a flowering cycle.

Notwithstanding these exclusions, purchased plants are guaranteed to be true to name and variety.  Mislabeled plants will be replaced, up to the original value, even beyond the warranty period.

This retail warranty does not apply to any plant purchased from Weston Nurseries’ Commercial Division by a landscaper or other third party on behalf of a homeowner.

For our Hardgoods Warranty and Return Policy, please click here.

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