Weston Nurseries Commercial Woody Plant Warranty

We want your landscape projects to be successful. We guarantee our plant material to be true to name and in healthy condition when it leaves our Nursery. We supply the highest quality plant material, and we stand behind our products.

As a Commercial customer, you take responsibility for understanding your sites and selecting appropriate plant material. Our sales staff is qualified (most are MCH certified) to assist and help you on options for the proper plant for the area you describe, but you are responsible for selecting the right plant for the right place.


We guarantee all our Woody Plants for 120 days from the date of purchase, subject to certain requirements and exclusions listed below. We provide a one-time plant replacement equivalent to the original purchase price. For any claim, you must contact your sales person immediately upon indication of decline—many problems can be corrected before needing replacement. We reserve the right to inspect your plantings. For your convenience, we offer our complete planting guidelines for proper planting.


Warranty Requirements:

  • Your account must be current.
  • You must provide printed copies of your original invoice or receipt of items in question.
  • A tarpaulin or closed truck must have been used to transport your plants. Customers who choose NOT TO TARP assume all risk, this will be noted on your invoice. NO TARP – NO WARRANTY.
  • You must supply a photo of the plant(s) in question, plants removed without communication, photos or site visit are subject to no warranty.

Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Herbaceous perennials, ground covers, vines, roses, sod, annuals, houseplants, tropical plants, ornamental grasses, herbs, grow bags and plants that leaf out but do not flower
  • Plant material NOT PLANTED in accordance with our WESTON NURSERIES PLANTING GUIDELINES. Copies available upon request
  • Transportation cost and installation/removal labor cost
  • Your warranty to your customer, we will not get involved between you & your customer
  • Plants that have suffered “Salt Damage” from road spray
  • Plants damaged from winter snow accumulation, i.e plowing, snow blowing, roof raking, etc.
  • Plants that have suffered in appearance, such as winter burn or partial dieback, but are capable of recovery with care, as typically happens with Ilex crenata & meserveae hybrids, Rhododendrons, Green Giant Arborvitae and certain other plants that are becoming established in the landscape
  • Damage resulting from conditions over which Weston Nurseries has no control, such as;
    – “Acts of nature”­­­ including abnormally cold winters i.e. 2014-2015 winter, temperature fluctuations, microclimate problems, high winds, flood, drought, deer and other animal type damage
    – Improper placement/installation/maintenance of plant, including under-watering or over-watering, overly wet ground conditions, adverse soil conditions, over-fertilizing, improper pruning, salt damage near coast, diseases or insects not evident at time of delivery or any other conditions not caused by Weston Nurseries
  • Clearance items, yard specials and heavily discounted plants purchased “as-is” or knowingly at risk
  • Plants listed on invoice as **No Warranty** as noted at time of purchase
  • Fall Plants identified as “At Risk” items are sold with **No Warranty ** as noted at time of purchase
  • Commercial Warranty is only valid on plants purchased April 1 through November 1. These dates are subject to change based on seasonal start up and ending fluctuations
  • Plant material not planted within 7 days of invoice date