Alex Knott, Lead Designer

Alex Knott, Lead Designer

Alex Knott, Lead Designer Weston Nurseries

What you love about this business and specifically about landscape design?

Horticulture is a wonderful field in general but landscape design is amazingly gratifying. I can render my vision of a client’s landscape and in a matter of hours that vision becomes a reality. And years later, that vision still brings happiness to my clients.

Why you work here (what you love about WN and WW?)

I choose to work at Weston Nurseries because of the people I work with. Without exception, this is the most dedicated and passionate group of professionals I have ever worked with. There is always a free exchange of ideas, knowledge and good humor.

What you want to accomplish in your job?

Create lasting relationships with my design clients, provide them with the landscape they dreamed of and to share with them my passion for more sustainable landscape practices.

Favorite thing about nature?

No matter what we as human beings throw at Mother Nature, she always finds a way to rebound and get the earth back in balance.

Is there a garden you designed or one you’ve seen that stands out for you?

A lovely couple reached out to me to re-envision a large wooded area in front of their home. They embraced the use of native plantings, agreed with following the natural terrain and were excited about providing food and shelter to local birds. They were thrilled with the outcome and I was proud that this was a responsible design that made my clients so happy.

Is there a funny, sad, scary, interesting or otherwise noteworthy story you think about when you think about your job or the industry that you’d be willing to share?

I live in the city where there aren’t many yards or open spaces. 10 years ago I decided to install a formal vegetable garden. I invited two neighbor kids to help me with digging up grass to make way for the beds. The next day there were 4 kids digging in the dirt and for the next 2 weeks, there were more and more kids who wanted to help. I invited them all back at harvest time. There eyes widened when I offered a strawberry that I had just picked out of the patch and a carrot from the ground. Their minds were blown!

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Weston Nurseries is committed to being a center for horticultural knowledge. Enjoy!

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