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Sustainable Practices

Sustainability is a Journey. We hope you’ll join us in taking steps to improve our community and our ecosystem.

Weston Nurseries has always been in the “green business”, providing homeowners and landscape professionals with top-quality plants that beautify our surroundings and help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air we breathe.

One of our sustainability initiatives is recovering and recycling plastic pots. You can help us reduce the amount of plastic in landfills by bringing your used pots to the Garden Center. Some pots will be re-used at Weston Nurseries; other pots will be transported to a recycling facility and processed into new nursery pots.

Please remove soil, sand, mulch and rocks and rinse off the pots before bringing them to the Garden Center and placing them in the designated bins.

We accept two pot types:
1. PE #2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene): “blow molded” round and square containers have a hole in the middle of the bottom and often have ribbed sides. The wall is very thin and the pots have a softer lip. We accept 1/2 gal. to 10 gal. sizes, any color, with or without printing.
2. PP #5 PP (Polypropylene): “injection molded” round and square containers have a harder/thicker wall with smooth sides. We accept 1/2 gal. to 35 gal. and up sizes, any color, with or without printing.

Eco-Friendly Products

Drought-Resistant Plants: We feature a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and perennials that require very little water once established.
Water Conservation: We carry soaker hoses, moisture meters, and water reservoir systems, as well as Hydretain, a soil additive and humectant that effectively cuts water consumption up to 50%!
Rain Barrels: NE Rain Barrels, “the Blue Rain Barrel for the Green Owner”, are made from recycled plastic barrels. Attach them to a roof downspout to collect storm run off.
Mulch & Soils: We stock a wide variety of bulk & bagged soils, mulches, and compost, which can be used to maintain healthy soil biology and help retain moisture.
Compost: We carry compost bins and tumblers that turn yard waste into organic matter to improve your soil. We also have under-the-sink food compost caddies with biodegradeable liners for easy clean up.
Organic Fertilizers: We stock a wide variety of natural & organic products, including Espoma Fertilizers, which are safe for people & pets.

Some of Our Enviromentally Sustainable Practices

Irrigation: Water for our operations is recycled by a catch basin system that drains it back into our ponds. Drip irrigation system covers over 6 acres and cuts our water usage by 80%.
Local Plants: Most of our plants come from the Northeast region, thereby minimizing our carbon footprint from freight and transport.
Compost: Each year we turn thousands of cubic yards of clippings, leaves, and grass into premium compost which is available for sale from our Bulk Yard.
Mulch: We take in chipped trees and brush to create specialty blends of mulch, available for sale from our Bulk Yard.
Plastic pots: Containers and pots from our landscape operations are reused or recycled.
Paper: Office paper products are recycled, and we use electronic communications whenever possible.

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