A Note From Our President – Peter Mezitt


peter_bw2009For 94 years, my family has owned and operated Weston Nurseries, becoming well-known for exceptional plants and comprehensive advice.  I am particularly proud of everything we have accomplished over the past 10 years; we have successfully transitioned into the thriving, hardworking, healthy organization I have envisioned since I came on board in 1996.  We believe in fostering growth opportunities for our staff, looking for new ways to continuously improve our operations, and constantly providing our customers with an exceptional experience.

We believe in making it easy for everyone to be successful in creating a landscape they’ll love. Today’s customers are accustomed to finding solutions more quickly, so we have deliberately selected our products and curated innovative displays with a focus on answering questions and presenting solutions.  With so many choices in the market, we know it can be overwhelming to figure out how to accomplish an outdoor improvement project or to select the best plant for a particular location; we strive to offer the best expertise and advice, in order to make the entire experience at Weston successful, inspiring, and fun!

A little homework…

Before you visit us, we invite you to spend time exploring this website.  It is designed to help you figure out what you need to do to succeed with your project.  Our Plant Library is a fantastic tool!  Here you can create your own plant lists based on specific attributes such as site conditions, height or flower color.  Our Plant Library lists plants that we generally have in stock or can be obtained upon request.

Our Plant Health & Care Guidelines offer comprehensive advice that is accurate for this region on many subjects.  Our blogs and videos are created regularly to address current factors we feel are important for you to know about.  You can also find out what we are currently offering for seminars, events and sales.  Our plant availability list is updated weekly so you can see what we have available.

Bring it on!

After completing your “homework” we encourage you to visit one of our stores and start making some real progress toward completing you project.  Our staff is ready to assist and our garden centers are stocked with everything you need.  Our plants come in all sizes and we can deliver or plant them for you.

Alternatively, we offer Design services – both in store or at hour home.  See our Design Services section on our website for more information and give us a call to make an appointment.

We are here to help you appreciate, enhance and enrich your surroundings through meaningful planting, hardscaping, or gardening projects.

Have a great day and we will see you soon!


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